Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Closet Therapy

Spring has sprung, even though temps fell this past weekend.  I am continuing my quest to wear more color and be more of a fashionista. 

I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy blog again for her "what I wore wednesdays." She started it as a place where a group of gals could share outfits and remind ourselves to get out of "our yoga pants slump and put a bit of effort into ourselves."  It's a place to get ideas for beginning fashionistas, who like me are struggling to get out of a few ruts.

I did go all bright and shiny for Earth Day--busting out a couple oldies, but goodies.

Bright yellow shirt-Old Navy circa 2006 or 2007

Blue long sleeve shirt-Ann Taylor circa, wait for it...1997

Black pants-Target

Maybe it was the cold temperatures.
My dreary closet.
Or my lack of imagination and color in my closet, but I fell back into some gray and black wardrobe choices.  I may not have a lot of color, but I do have a lot of old pieces. Did you happen to notice the blue shirt in the picture was from 1997?

Digging a little deeper into my closet I found a sweater from 1991.  A sweater I had my high school senior picture taken in, still sitting on my shelf.  
That's my Bell Biv Devoe tribute pose, going all 1991 on you.

Sweater-Benetton circa 1991

Pants-Old Navy (like almost brand spanking new circa 2011)

Even though we didn't get snow here this past weekend, this sweater would've been a good choice at my son's baseball game.  It was 40 degrees and felt very, very cold.

The fashionista take away here? What does it all mean? 

What about this- Even if we fall back into some ruts, it's okay. Fashion is fun and not something to stress about.

Or this- It's a metaphor.  On the surface we might seem plain or one dimensional, all gray and no color.   But dig a little deeper.  There are layers of interesting.  There are memories of moments big and small.  There is a history to all of us.

Or maybe just this- Spring is a practical time to go through one's closet and see what fits and what doesn't.  Donate what is donate-able and make room for new favorite pieces that bring us joy and comfort.

Ahhh, once again, I feel indebted to Lindsay at the Pleated Poppy.  The fashionista exercise is good for my closet and my mind.

pleated poppy

And just because if I ever hear the words Bell Biv Devoe, I sing this song "Poison," here's the video.  
C'mon it happens to you too, right?

And also just because I can't think of a "what does it mean?" kind of post without thinking of this Double Rainbow YouTube classic.  I didn't cry when I looked in my closet, but I was asking myself "what does it mean?"


  1. Your first outfit is too cute. The sweater...I can totally remember wearing something very similar in 1991 for MY senior pictures.