Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stuck in the 1900s (what i wore wednesdays)

Me trying to look cool (just like in the 80s) and my baby trying to figure out what the hell I'm looking at.
I can't believe how fast everything is going.  I can't believe I am mother to a tween, along with three other kids.  I can't believe the "cracks in my forehead," as one of my children calls them, are mine.  I can't believe it's f&#*ing 2012.

"What was your favorite rock and roll song from the 1900s?," my tween asked me the other day.

"Um, they didn't have rock n' roll in the 1900s. Oh, you mean the 1980s?" I laughed.  But Jesus, he's right, I'm from the 1900s. Holy crap!

I'm so old, my dated fashion looks are coming back in style.  The eighties are back people and I'm loving it.  (Just don't tell people I never left.)

I'm linking up with the pleated poppy's What I Wore Wednesday(wiww) again. 

pleated poppy WWIW link up was started by blogger/business woman extraordinaire, Lindsey, as a "fun way for us to encourage each other to simply get dressed each day, and get out of our pj’s or yoga pants."  

Get the look:
Dress- From Pitaya $29.00
Glasses- CosmoGIRL off the rack at CVS for $13.99

Or this look:
Dress- From Old Navy $15.00
Bracelet- (the one I wear with everything that you just might be getting sick of seeing) from Francesca's Collection $5.00
Flower Pin- Made from an old VBS shirt, click here for tutorial on the very easy-to-make flower pins.

**the only thing really eighties in this picture is the big hair and frosted pink lip gloss***

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