Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Yellow Phase and What I Wore Wednesday

I'm linking up with the pleated poppy's What I Wore Wednesday(wiww) again for some fun.  
pleated poppy WWIW link up was started by blogger/business woman extraordinaire, Lindsey, as a "fun way for us to encourage each other to simply get dressed each day, and get out of our pj’s or yoga pants."

There's something about's all new beginnings and happiness. That's what a new season is too...all new beginnings and happiness.  Well, unless it's winter in Michigan because that's all grey and black and cloudy.  But I'm not ready to go there.  I'm in a yellow phase.
In a couple days it will officially be Fall.  
A new beginning.  A chance for new memories, new moments to cherish, new risks to take, new adventures to experience.  It might also just mean adding yellow to your wardrobe.  Brighten up and lighten up is my new motto.

Last year, I started adding color to my very grey and black wardrobe and not to sound like an old R&B/pop song, but there ain't no stopping me now.  

The look:
Shirt- Old Navy on sale $8
Jeans- Old Navy circa 2004 (priceless).
Necklace (my yellow)-francesca's Collections $28
Flip flops- do you care? they're from Target and cost around $3.

The look:
Shirt- Old Navy on sale for $5.94
Skirt- Old Navy on sale for $20 (The stretchy pencil skirt that I'm so in love with, I'm officially marrying it.)
Boots- Payless, so last year I can't even remember the price, but I think they were around $45. 

Other items pictured:
Green cardigan- Old Navy circa 2006 sale rack.

Purple flower- not sure of price, but from a ultra fabulous local boutique called catching fireflies.

Blue/Aqua off the shoulder number- francesca's Collections for $28.

Motor City T-shirt- the winner of my favorite shirt of the year from The Mitten State.

Add some yellow to your life.

Don't like Coldplay? I dare you not to love this cover of Yellow by Renee & Jeremy and not to love this video.

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