Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Like, Totally Need Your Help (what i wore wednesday)

I need your help and fast.

I'm linking up with the pleated poppy's What I Wore Wednesday(wiww) again for some fun.  

pleated poppy WWIW link up was started by blogger/business woman extraordinaire, Lindsey, as a "fun way for us to encourage each other to simply get dressed each day, and get out of our pj’s or yoga pants."  

I love linking up here every now and then to get me thinking about fashion-- A. Because it's fun and B. Because it forces me to update my look or at least take a second look at my look(s). Today it's about more than fun, I need you to help with a major fashion decision.

"You've got style that's what all the girls say..."

Okay, no girls are saying that.  No one is saying that.  Except Madonna in 1986.  Remember the song Dress You Up In My Love?  I loved that song.  I sang that song in front of the mirror in my bedroom and at slumber parties.

I loved Madonna.  I still love Madonna.
She's got style.  Oh, yes, she's made questionable choices in fashion and life over the last 25 years.  And I still love her.

When I was growing up, all the girls loved Madonna.  She was dangerous.  She taught us how to push our parents over the borderline if you will (sorry, couldn't resist).

She was tough, a survivor.  When I was a young 20-something living in a rough area of Pittsburgh, yes there's a rough area of Pittsburgh, I remember watching a movie about Madonna just starting out alone in New York City.  If she could do it, dammit so could I.  I mean we were both small town Michigan girls after all.

After I became a mother and worried about how to stay relevant and cool, I looked to Madonna.  Or Madge as she was being called.

Bottom line, I love her.  I relate with her Midwestern need to please people coupled with her desire to shock and push those same people away.  I relate with her strength and whole screw you attitude.  I relate with her tendency to have a British type accent when hanging around British people.  Critics be damned, I love Madonna.

That is why I am so very thrilled to be going to her concert this week.  I saw her in the concert for the first time four years ago here in Detroit, it was a dream realized.  The fact that I get to see her bonus dream coming true.

So, that's where you come in.  I need your help in picking out what I wear to the concert.  And I need your help fast.  The concert is tomorrow.  Please pick your favorite look and leave the number in the comment section.

Look #1: Old/Young Hooker
I busted out red lipstick and my family went wild.  My kids acted like they didn't recognize me.  My husband said I looked young.  So, I may never take off my bright red lipstick, ever.  But looking at this picture I think I look a bit like a mom trying too hard, like an old hooker.

Jeans-from The Fig Leaf in Pittsburgh (not the rough area)
Black Top***-also from The Fig Leaf
Red Lipstick-The Dollar Store, I swear to god, the dollar store, how funny.

***Fun fact: This "top" was a dress I wore two years ago to a wedding.  No, I'm not kidding.***

Look # 2: Like Totally!
I'm kickin it old school with a side pony, lace and jeans that are too tight.  Like totally fun or like totally stupid?

Jeans-from The Fig Leaf in Pittsburgh (not the rough area)
Black top-Old Navy
Blue Lace/Peace top- my daughter's closet, I think originally from Justice
Shoes-small boutique in my town

Look #3: A Little Bit Country Again
This look reminds me of something someone would wear to the Country Music Awards--you know sequins and jeans.  Which is totally cool because I like country.  I like over the top 80s style, Dottie West and Loretta Lynn style country. Maybe I should bust out the full-length sequins or satin number like Loretta would wear?

Jeans- same as above
Black top- Old Navy tank
Sequins top***- my pal Steph's closet
***Funny enough, I wore this exact look to the last Madonna concert in 2008.  Should I wear it twice?****

Look #4: Over The Top Prom 
This dress is actually from 1990, when Madonna was in more of her prime.  Actually when I was in more of my prime.  Too much?  I doubt I'll be the only one that goes over the top at the concert.  

Dress- So old I can't even remember where I got it.  But it was originally worn to a holiday dance in high school and is now getting some play in my daughter's dress up toy box in the basement.

So what do you think?  What should I wear to rock out to my icon/idol?  You've helped me before (the whole what should I wear to my high school reunion situation) and I so appreciated it. Help me again.  Leave your favorite look in the comments section here or over on my Facebook page. 

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Dress You Up! Check out how these girls are dressed for the concert back in the day. 
LOVE it.


  1. Outfit #1.
    Although, they all look too cold for our Michigan November!

  2. #1 or #2

    You look great !!

  3. #1 ... one arm free to rock out to the lady of pop! :)

  4. None of the above - Instead go with the patriotic leggins advertised at the bottom of this page!!!!

  5. Have FUN!!! My friend ANgela will be there, too! I love the pink sequin outfit and the pink dress the most. You know there'll be some crazy get-ups there, so anything goes!

  6. You're going to a Madonna concert?! That's awesome! I'm sure you're going to have an incredible time. And I'd say you should have fun with your wardrobe for this event. You shouldn't hold back! It's Madonna! I think you look adorable in Look #4.

    May the force be with you.