Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How To Dress Like A Blogger

I'm packing for my big trip to Texas.  My big trip to the blogging conference BlissDom.  What does one wear to a blogging conference?  Well, the truth is, I don't know.

To complicate matters, I don't have a blogging niche.  Just like I don't have one particular style.  I'm sort of all over the map with my posts and my fashion.  So, I thought I would take the opportunity to examine a few looks and link up with the pleated poppy's what I wore wednesday (WIWW).

pleated poppy WIWW link up was started by blogger/business woman extraordinaire, Lindsey, as a "fun way for us to encourage each other to simply get dressed each day, and get out of our pj’s or yoga pants."  

I did a closet dump and dove into the piles to put together a few looks that made me feel like a blogger.  

How to Dress Like A Blogger:

The Crafty Blogger

I own a glue gun and I've used it once, so I could be considered a crafty blogger.  Actually I think my Pinterest Poser Challenges every Tuesday may give me more crafty cred, along with this outfit.

This look is borderline Sporty Spice (aka fitness blogger) because of my new kicks that make the pic.  Love me some new running shoes.

Cardigan-Target approx $15
T-shirt-Target approx $12
Shoes-Nike $60ish

The Zany YouTube Vlogger/Blogger

Scarf-Francesca's  approx $15

Yellow Sweater-Resale Shop $4

Purple Jeans- Old Navy

In the world of video, the zanier the better or at least the more potential of your video going viral.  AND my ode to Prince is almost viral with 130 views (pretty legit right? right?).

The Serious Writer Blogger

I love to get a laugh, but I have a deeper side.  I may not be as deep as I thought I was in college, but I can go dark.  Do you like my glasses?  They are called "Attitude Glasses" from Claire's Boutique.  I think by admitting the name and where I got the glasses, I just eliminated my status as deep and dark serious writer blogger.

The I Love Themes! Blogger

You say Texas, I say cowboy boots. Yup.  Found these at re-sale shop for $14 and had to get them.  

The awesome flower pin is from the pleated poppy.

The I Came To The Conference For the Party Blogger

Actually the party scene anywhere makes me nervous, but I do like to dress up.  Is this too much? Not enough?  

Dress- Target
Sequins top- borrowed from my pal Steph (years ago) who said I could have it, love her.

All of these outfits are a part of me, okay well, a part of my closet, they are mine because I own know what I mean.  I'm not just a blogger who likes flower pins and cardigans, I like all sorts of looks, I like all sorts of blogs.  It's complicated and all over the place and all good.

Going to BlissDom?  What are YOU wearing?  

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This is My Second BlissDom!the pleated poppy blog


  1. I'm going to Blissdom, too! I had to click over from your cute thumbnail at Pleated Poppy, and I was excited to read this! I should have jumped into the "don't niche me in" group, but I'm a photographer, so thought I'd join that (I'm a CL, and had to declare early). I'm all over the map myself on my blog...hope we can meet up!!

  2. Ha, you are funny. All super cute outfits. I'm not sure how you find the time to look adorable and take care of 4 kids. Enjoy the conference. I will message you again soon!

  3. p.s. This is Anna Van Slembrouck (Swartz) :)

  4. These are SO cute :) Enjoy Blissdom. I'm doing Allume this year.

  5. seriously, you are rocking ALL of these looks...i say you find a way to fit them all in! (hey, would that make you a fashion blogger?) have a great time...big love to you!

  6. Heehee! Love your outfits and the different personas to go with them! Looks like you had fun with your little photo shoot! Got to say my favorite is the "zany" one!

  7. You're so funny. :) And you look adorable in all of them! I'm not all that confident about what I've packed, but maybe a drink of two will change that, eh? :D