Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Scarf, The Bathing Suit & The Body Image (What I Wore Wednesday)

I'm linking up with the pleated poppy's What I Wore Wednesday(wiww) again to talk fashion.

This is the story of a scarf, wait it's a story of covering up, wait it's a story of body image, wait it's a story about acceptance and summer fashion.

The scarf
I've featured the scarf before.  I got it last year at Francesca's for $14.

It's been a shawl.

Um, a scarf.

Lately, it's been used as the perfect reading spot at brothers' baseball games.

And even as a prop in an imaginary bullfight.

And then back to being a shawl, for my Lucy.

Covering Up
I love summer, but I don't love bathing suits. Not one bit.  I've had the same suit for four years and tried it on to go the pool a couple weeks ago and knew, well, it was time.  The top was so thin and stretched it was basically sheer.  The bottom skirt was also stretched, so far in fact it was basically a knee length swim skirt.  Even though I was grateful for the coverage, it just looked ridiculous.  So, Lucy and I went shopping for bathing suits.

I headed to TJMaxx armed with $40 in search of some deals.  After trying on a few, I found one that I loved and that was only $30.  It covers up what I feel needs to be covered.  It's gathered material in the middle allows me to actually eat at the pool party or on vacation.  It's retro in a 1940s kind of way and I love it.

It has a built in bra, the kind you might imagine your grandma having in her bathing suit.  The kids are fascinated by it.  And I am too.

Walking around in a bathing suit just isn't my thing.  So when I went looking for a cover up, I went straight for the trusty scarf.  And the scarf did not disappoint.

The scarf covered up what I wanted covered. But it wasn't hiding, there's no blending in with these bright colors.  It's not about hiding or competing or worrying, it's about comfort and feeling good.   
Here I am cover up-less and still smiling.
I found the perfect bathing suit for all those relaxing, lounging days by the pool this summer.

I won't let my hatred for my thighs stop me from having a great summer.  I'm not giving any answers on how I figured out how to love my body, accept my flaws and embrace the changes in my body as I get older.  In fact, I am my own worst enemy with it all.   I am desperately trying to love my body just the way it is.

Someone who has great ideas on loving our bodies is photographer Jade Beall.  Have you heard about her "A Beautiful Body" book project?  It's amazing and inspiring.  Click here for more details.

And then there was the post by Brittany Gibbons last spring where she modeled a bikini and embraced her body online.  Inspiring and all kinds of amazing.  Click here to read it. 

Yesterday, I  got lost on Pinterest for a while.  There I found yet another way to use my scarf, so I tried it out.  I'm wasn't feeling the look so much and neither were my kids.  My youngest yelled "Mommy's a pirate!" 
We're like twins, right?

So, the scarf can't do everything, but it comes pretty darn close.  So, I'm not totally comfortable with my body, but I'm trying and I'm getting closer.

Please leave a comment and let me how do you deal with accepting your body, wearing a bathing suit and covering up.  Do you have one piece in your wardrobe that you can use for multiple looks? 

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Since I started doing the fashion link up with the pleated poppy'swhat i wore wednesdays (wiww). WWIW link up was started by blogger/business woman extraordinaire, Lindsey, as a "fun way for us to encourage each other to simply get dressed each day, and get out of our pj’s or yoga pants."   I've thought more about fashion than, well maybe ever.  And it's been fun (click here to read Color Popping).  It's been therapeutic (click here to read about my Closet Therapy).

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  1. Now I totally feel like I need one of those fabulous scarves. It's like the workhorse of your wardrobe.

    LOVE that blue dress and your swimsuit. So cute! I hate swimsuit shopping, but I found one last year and although I despise having to put it on, I, too, want to enjoy my summer. I'll wear it and have fun. I'm determined!


  2. You look FABULOUS in that bathing suit! I read this a couple of days ago, and thought...huh. That looks a lot like my new swimming suit! Which I wore for the first time today, and felt really good in. Same color and little skirt and built-in bra. Isn't that funny?! BUT. I don't fill out the built-in bra AT ALL. SIGH.