Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gaining Weight, Popping Tags & Linking Up (what i wore wednesday)

It's been a while since I played around with my fashion and linked up with the pleated poppy for what I wore wednesday.  But today, it's back.  

Find out how I accepted my recent weight gain and embraced my inner 70s songwriter.

pleated poppy WIWW link up was started by blogger/business woman extraordinaire, Lindsey, as a "fun way for us to encourage each other to simply get dressed each day, and get out of our pj’s or yoga pants."  

When I found out I was pregnant this summer, I ate a lot.  I ate because "I was old and pregnant and deserved to eat whatever I wanted."  I ate because of that weird pregnancy phenomenon where you feel like you are going to throw up unless you eat constantly.  It's not just me right? It's a phenomenon right?  I ate because I was happy, sad, scared, nervous...full of a lot of feelings.  I ate a lot.

My body relaxed and settled as if to say "oh, okay lady, we're doing this again, I got it."  My stomach pooched, my hips widened.  I've always said the first place I start showing is my rear end and this pregnancy was no different.  I was on my way to break a personal pregnancy weight gain record.  

And then the miscarriage happened.  All of a sudden, I wasn't pregnant anymore.  My heart was broken, my mind was numb.  The fact that I had gained ten pounds and that my stomach and legs were bigger didn't really bother me.

Over the past couple weeks, my heart has been healing and my mind has been coming back to reality.  Which means my body is now definitely bothering me.  

The extra weight is a reminder of how my body failed.  I'm heavy because my body, my mind and my heart were preparing for a baby. 

Days before the miscarriage, I cleaned out my closet and put away "skinny" clothes that I wouldn't wear for at least a year with pregnancy and postpartum weight.  The other day, I got those clothes back out to try them on and I couldn't button buttons or zip up zippers all the way.  

There was one pair of pants that fit.  A pair of pants I have worn for the past five days straight.  A pair of pants with a hole in the knee.  A pair of pants that won't last much longer.  Something had to be done.  I cried a little but that didn't fix much.  Without a budget for a whole new wardrobe, it was looking like it was me and the one pair of pants until I can lose the weight.

But then a song came on the radio.  A song that I am so incredibly sick of that I want to scream "why are you still playing this?!" anytime I hear it.  But I didn't scream, I listened, laughed at myself and my pants and my bigger bottom and my pathetic (non-existent) clothing budget.  And then just like the song said, with only $20 in my pocket, I went to the thrift shop.  I went to pop some tags.
I went to the thrift shop to escape my closet with all the clothes that didn't fit.  I went to the thrift shop to escape my mind with all the thoughts that weren't nice.  I went to the thrift shop to have fun.  And I did.  Check out what $20 got me:

An awesome shirt for $3.99 that's tight-ish on top and loose in the middle. Perfect for me right now.  I wore it with THE pants.

New jeans for $6.99! And a sweater/wrap for $3.99.  I paired it with one of my black long sleeve shirts that I wore after I had Wade.  Flattering?  I don't know and I don't care.  Comfort and feeling safe and covered is key for me with this look.  The price is pretty awesome too.
 The final look made my day.  I went for it and embraced the 70s songwriter vibe I've been feeling lately.  Doesn't this scream old school Carly Simon or a casual Stevie Nicks? The headband was a gift, the shirt was $1.99 and the skirt $3.99.

It's the new me, the heavier me, the more emotional me. The me that likes to cover up, the me that likes flow-y skirts and headbands.  It's the new me that is accepting my heavy weight and my heavy heart.  It's the new me that is forgiving my body.  

It's the new me having fun at the thrift shop.  So much fun in fact, I may never shop at a full-price store again.

My personal assistant, otherwise known as Wade, got a little  gift from our morning shopping trip. (Which put me over my $20 budget, but he looked so cute in the jacket and it was only #3.99.)

He got this cool sweatshirt/jacket even though he was interested in the second-hand electronics way more than the fashion.

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It wouldn't be a post that mentions Carly Simon without a couple of my favorite Carly Simon songs.

Coming Around Again

Haven't Got Time For The Pain

Oh and of course some old school Stevie Nicks, like Rhiannon live from 1976. (Her hair is ahhhhmazing in this video.)


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from WIWW.

    Wow! You made out like a bandit at that thrift shop! I like the sweater wrap (genius!) and the flower top is cute. But you are so rockin' your 70s singer look! Yeow!!!!

    Thanks for sharing the story of loving your body post miscarriage. I'm not a mom so I can't imagine what experiencing something like that feels like, but you seem to have a lot of emotional strength and really cute son to help see you through this. Hugs!

    Visit Olivia Cleans Green blog to see my outfit.

  2. You're my kind of shopper! Shopping is more fun when you bargain hunt. I enjoy your posts each day. I'm impressed that you commit to it, despite your large family and many responsibilities. You are a good writer, and you have something to say. Keep up the good work!

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