Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Roller Coaster

Yesterday was the last day of school for the older kids in the house.  As I mentioned I was already feeling a bit anxious.  But I set my worries aside and was going to make it the best last day of school ever.  It is tradition in our house to make a "Happy Summer" cake and blast the music from "High School Musical 2" when they come into the house.

This year my oldest, Peyton, was NOT into it.  He rolled his eyes, walked over to the cake and said "why is the cake so thin?."  He then proceeded to flop onto the couch in true teenager style and turned on the tv.  

He is going into fourth grade next fall not junior high!  

Standing there with the video camera watching the scene unfold I felt like an idiot.  This is tradition!  This is stuff fun, involved, stay-at-home moms do!

Then I got mad.  I yelled.  I said things that I shouldn't have.  I yelled things I shouldn't have.  Sent everyone to their rooms and ended up in the kitchen by myself, feeling like not such a good, involved mom.

I became da-da-da-daaaaa, martyr mom.  Didn't they know how many fun things I planned?  Who doesn't want a Happy Summer Cake? Which I was shoveling into my mouth.  I was a fat, bitter, martyr mom. 

Then I saw the the third grade portfolio that Peyton brought home, the poetry book he wrote, the math book...and it hit me.  I am so kindergarten.   He loved that tradition when he was little, but he was growing up.  

Peyton and I had a long talk.  I was very honest about how I don't know how to parent a pre-tween and a toddler.  I asked for his patience and then we looked through his portfolio together.

So as we proceed with the next 80 days I will readjust my expectations of myself and my kids.  It will be a roller coaster for all of us.

Although this is what my house was like this morning....seriously?

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