Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My MakeUp MakeOver & A Link Up W/Mama Kat

I've mentioned my style icons growing up were the bleach-y blondes on my favorite TV shows, like Heather Locklear and Donna Mills.  Once when I was in 8th grade and just starting to experiment with make-up, I ripped out an eye makeup tutorial out of my mom's magazine featuring the amazing Donna Mills and copied it shade for glorious shade.  Ms. Mills' eye makeup looked something like this.  

I wish I could find a picture of what I looked like.  I mean I'm sure my fellow middle schoolers were very impressed with my version of Donna Mills eyes.

Over the years I have become less interested in makeup.  My staples are concealer for my breakouts, powder to control my mild, undiagnosed Rosacea issues, my eyelash curler and my frosted lip gloss (my homage to the 1980s).  Every now and then I try something new like false eyelashes, but for the most part my makeup is pretty basic. 

One of the link up topics for Mama Kat's vlogging prompts this week was "Have Your Child Do Your Makeup."  I thought that would be an easy one since it's hard to mess up with my bland makeup.  But my Lucy had other plans.

We went to the drugstore and got the fancy cheap makeup.  She picked out the colors, mostly greens and pinks.  I sat down and let her do her magic.  Check out my makeover in this week's vlog:

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  1. "I sort of resemble a woman who used to talk to herself"...I spit out my drink. You are so funny.
    Good work, Lucy!

  2. I actually really like that lipstick color on you! You know, smoothed around the edges some. :D I bet it was fun for you two to have fun together like that! (I love seeing her in action!)

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