Friday, January 23, 2015

Puppies & What I Know For Sure

What do I know for sure this week? That puppies are hard work. I mean whoa, a lot of work.  

Cosi is still all "um, did we really need another dog here?" But I think they are starting to love each other.

I have so many pictures of us sleeping or watching TV with the dogs because we are soooo tired by the evenings. 
The sleepless puppy nights are making all of us a little nutty and tired. And possibly a little bit grumpy. Just when it seems like we are thinking Cosi is right and wondering if we might have made a mistake in getting another puppy, the magic (and the cuteness) of Rufus Whistle happens.

JT got sick this week and I had to go get him from school.  Rufus came with me to get him and has been snuggling with him ever since.  It is just what JT needed.

So sure, puppies are a lot of work, but I also know for sure that they are all kinds of wonderful too. (I also know for sure that this blog will not always be about Rufus and puppies and dogs and all of that. Once he starts sleeping through the night, I will start thinking about other things and writing about them too. Ha!)

Here's what else I know for sure this week:
  • A morning dance rave just might be THE way to start your day.  This guy is one of my favorite people on YouTube.  Check him out at a pre-work rave.

  • Pizza Hut is my favorite pizza place!  They are going to start offering legit gluten-free pizza very soon.  This is huge in our house.  Yeah we like pizza, but do you realize how many sporting events for kids revolve around pizza after the game?  Well, a lot of them.  It will be so nice for JT to say "sure I can grab a pizza with the team, let's go to Pizza Hut."  That is HUGE for him! Click here for a few details.

  • Transparent is really good TV.  I have loved Jill Soloway (the writer/producer/director) since I heard her speak at a NOW convention years ago. She is funny and brilliant and an amazing writer.  On January 24th you can stream Transparent for free on Amazon Prime and you should (click here for details).  Here's Soloway's acceptance speech at the Golden should watch it, it's beautiful.

  • Speaking of TV, I'm so sad Parenthood is ending. Waaaaa. But I wrote about the 10 things I learned from the show over on Mamalode.  Click here to check them out.

  • I am all about kimonos.  Since I didn't get a fur vest for Christmas, waaaa!, I am moving on and totally obsessed with kimonos.  Mind you, I don't own one, but I want one or two or three!

I mean right? Found this one on Pinterest.
What do YOU know for sure this week?  Leave a comment here or over on my Facebook page.  Got any puppy sleeping through the night advice or fashion favorites? Let me know.


  1. I miss our dog. Waaaa. Even though he's better off with his new family. Those dogs look like they have found a piece of heaven at your house.

  2. Okay, I knew about puppies being a lot of work but I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT PIZZA HUT!!!!! That is a huge deal that they're taking it seriously. Omg. I hope it's in our local ones.

  3. Aw, cute pup! I so want a dog for the family. But not just yet. Not until we get a house and the kids are older.

    I love Transparent, such a great show.

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