Friday, October 9, 2015

One Cool Kindergartner and What I Know For Sure This Week

Wade is six years old. He started kindergarten a couple weeks ago.  He loves school, he was so ready for it.  This kid has watched his older siblings go to school and practice and play their games and do their homework and learn and grow and ride the bus and have their own friends and their own lives, since the day he was born. He was ready to start doing some of those things.

Everyday he gets off the bus and tells us all the things that happened in kindergarten.  He talks about who he played with, who he sat by, what the teacher read, what songs they sang, words he learned, what sound the letter T makes, how he got in trouble at recess but he didn't mean to do it. He talks and talks and talks.  I've never had a kid who told me so much about his day. It's awesome.

"The second graders were kicking some of the kindergartners at recess," he told me one day.

"Honey, did you tell the teacher?," I asked like he was a normal kindergartner that wasn't so ready for these things.

"I handled it," he said.  

"How?," I asked.

"I kicked the second graders and they stopped," he said. "I handled it," he repeated like a little mobster's child.

Wade's not the typical kindergartner. He's the baby of a big family. We aren't a mob family but we are a busy family. He's been dragged along to every event and game and practice.  He's seen a lot.  He's different than a lot of the other kids that are the oldest in their family or even the second oldest or my god, even the third child. He has watched things and said things that I never would have let my older kids see and say.  For example, he has seen all the Lord of the Rings movies. Yup. Before he went to preschool I had to warn him that the other kids might be afraid of his killer Gollum impression.  

While it may be horrible for some families, it's not horrible for ours. It's just the way it is and Wade is funny and tough and not afraid of a lot and ususally pretty chill.  

"The kids were calling me Wayne," he told me one day.

"Did you tell them your real name?," I asked.

"No, I just went with it," he told me confidently.

Wade's favorite team is Seatle Seahawks
and his favorite player is Marshon Lynch. 

All this tough I-can-handle-it stuff sometimes makes me forget that he's still a little kiddo. A tough, funny kid that gets sad and tired and gets his feelings hurts sometimes and gets embarrassed when he messes up.  

The other day I went to see him at lunch time and when he saw me he started crying and sort of crumpled in my arms. He told me he didn't know what to do in the lunch line and he was "never going to buy lunch ever again" and that he got in trouble at recess and he was "really, really sorry."  

"Don't worry about it honey, we can handle it, I got you," I told him and hugged him.  Two of his new kindergarten friends came over and hugged him too.  

Wade is six years old and the coolest kindergartner around and I know for sure that I love him more than anything in the world.

Here's what else I know for sure right now:

  • Wade isn't just a cool kindergartner, he is also a lover of hip hop.  Clean versions of course.  Here he is singing a little Big Sean and dancing to Hit the Quan.

A video posted by Angela Youngblood (@jumpingwithmyfingerscrossed) on

A video posted by Angela Youngblood (@jumpingwithmyfingerscrossed) on

  • This is the best dishtowel ever! A friend gave it to me and I LOVE it.

  • Daniel Day Lewis deserved the Oscar. Yeah, it was a few years ago but I finally watched Lincoln, the Spielberg movie, and can't stop thinking about it. You know I'm obsessed with Abraham Lincoln and the movie did not disappoint.

  • The PitBull channel on my Satellite radio in my minivan makes my week better. 

  • I love this song. Long live Janet and Missy Elliot. 
(click here to watch the video and daaaaaaance your way into the weekend.)

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  1. He is so cool. I think he and Zoe would get along famously. I often forget that she's only 5, until she has a fatigue meltdown after school over not being able to zip up her jacket or something equally miniscule.