Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Turning 7

My baby turned 7 last Friday. It seems crazy to me. How can time go so fast? How can my baby not be a baby anymore? I feel confused.

Poor Wade is just as confused as I am. Somedays we treat him like a toddler and other days we act as if he is a teenager. He likes hip-hop music and talks about who is taking who to homecoming like his teenage brother. He also likes me to read him Berenstein Bear books at bedtime. 

He is such a baby of four kids! We do so many things differently with Wade than we did with Peyton. From bedtimes to routines to shows we let him watch. "I don't really get the jokes in "Blackish"," he told us the other night. I praised his self-awareness and being able to tell us, but then questioned why in the world I was letting him watch it. But it seems way better than what I was watching at 7, "Dukes of Hazard" and "Dallas." I mean right?

A couple weekends ago, we had our first "Home Alone" moment. Tim and I always drive separately to almost every event because we are usually driving and picking up another one of our children. As we left JT's football game, Tim thought I had Wade in my car and I thought he was in Tim's. Luckily we realized it when we called each other to do the van check before we left the parking lot, you know where we ask "who do you have in your van?" I mean thank god we have checks and balances/quality control/somewhat of a safety system because we realized he wasn't with either of us. We rushed back to field and found Wade sitting with a mom he knew who was getting her phone out to call us. He was calm and sort of even a little pissed at us, but he wasn't hysterical. He thanked the mom and got in one of our minivans to go home.

That's the thing about being 7 years old and the baby of four, Wade is this awesome mixture of little kid and big kid. He is snuggly and sweet and will proudly make the shirt with the giant, crooked 7 I made for him to school. He is also pretty self-aware and confident and brave and independent, not to mention forgiving and pretty flexible.

Wade got his first friend birthday party this past weekend and he was psyched. We did little kid crafts (painting pumpkins) and then played touch football games like the big kids.

The great thing about being the baby of four and having two older brothers is that those brothers help organize the game and have friends that can play too.

Peyton was awesome.
I see a possible camp counselor job in his future. 

My feelings on football are the same, it scares me. BUT my boys love it, I mean they really love it. So, duh, I made a football birthday cake. 

The rest of our weekend was packed with football and more football, and bike rides and parties and cross country meets and a visit from grandpa and ahhhh!!!!

This picture is everything. If you look closely you can see JT at quarterback, Wade playing with a buddy on the sideline and Peyton nervously watching the game. Brothers and football!

So proud of Lucy! She got a medal and her team won the meet.
She was so excited.

My dad came up for a visit from Pittsburgh and got to see our busy weekends first hand. And spend a lot of time with the kiddos.


  1. Happy Birthday to Wade! Can't believe both of our babies are 7! Love that your Dad got to see all the family fun in action and congrats to Lucy and her team!

  2. Happy birthday, Wade! So much of your description of him reminds me of Zoe. So big, yet still so little. Love your family.