Monday, January 23, 2017

Why I Marched

I accidentally hit approximately 122 people last Saturday with my cardboard sign as I marched down main street and stood listening to the speakers at the rally. No one got mad. "Sorry," I apologized to the 122 people. "No problem" and "no worries" and understanding smiles are how they responded. 

People were so nice and friendly and supportive and happy. And grateful. There was so much gratitude. For each other, for the freedom to march and speak and have signs, for understanding, for community, for hope.

Since election day, I've been slightly depressed and confused. After marching in Ann Arbor in a sister march to the massive one in Washington D.C., I still feel confused. I don't understand how people don't get it. When they ask why we marched or what was our point....

The point is some of us needed to stand up for what we are passionate about. We needed to take a stand against a president that we don't agree with. We needed to represent our beliefs. We needed to connect with other people that feel the same way. We needed to feel less alone and worried. We needed to encourage people to get involved and run for office. 

We stepped away from our computers and met with people that felt the same way. We stopped complaining online and met in person. Millions of us. And it felt fucking amazing.

Not all of us agreed about everything. But we all agreed that Donald Trump is not the president that we want. (Even if some of these men and women didn't vote, they feel this way now and they feel bolder and braver and hopefully stronger and more willing to engage and get involved and VOTE. And I am grateful for that.) 

You don't have to agree with us to understand why we marched and rallied. 

I will understand when you organize and march and rally for what you believe in. I get that it feels good to support other men and women that feel the same. I get that you make connections at these types of events, and you inspire people, and encourage people, and challenge people, and educate people, and learn so god damn much about people.

Some of us that were there last Saturday will continue marching and rallying and gathering. Some of us will take a closer look at our beliefs and how we got here. Some of us will open our minds. Some of us will have difficult conversations and revelations. Some people might run for office. Probably all of us that participated in last Saturday's Women's March across the world feel less alone.

For the record, I am, and have been for as long as I can remember, a liberal, progressive, pacifist, pro-choice, pro-love, pro-public education, pro-science, pro-protect the environment person who has always voted for a Democrat because I've pretty much always agreed with them. I am also a suburban mom who taught Sunday school for years and volunteers and drives a minivan. I am friends with Republicans and a couple Libertarians and even a few people so far left that they are a little too liberal for me (which is waaaaay left, lol). I am trying so hard to be a better human and listen to everyone and have more empathy and more love, and at the same time put my fear and anger and frustration into positive action that helps make life more fair and just and peaceful for everyone.

And I will always, always look for the people that dance....

I saw this Instagram and LOVED it:

"Emma Goldman insisted that no cause worth fighting for would deny joy. 'I want freedom, the right to self-expression,everybody's right to beautiful, radiant things.'" I vow to take part in no revolution that doesn't invite you to dance.

Here are some links to some good articles to keep the conversation going:


  1. Yasss! So bummed I couldn't be there. I will remember this post next time someone asks why I support the Women's March.

  2. This is so well thought out and well written. I wholeheartedly agree! I marched in Lansing and I'm so glad I did.

    1. Thank you! Happy that you marched in Lansing. It is making me feel so hopeful to see so many men and women showing up and marching and making their voice heard.

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