Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Change of Scenery

For the past few days we've been taking it easy, well at least for our family.  Laying low, chilling out, trying to not break JT's arm even more while we wait for the cast.  But the thing is, we aren't really a low-laying, chill out kind of family.  So, yesterday we headed out into the stifling heat wave and walked to the library.
We have a great library.  A beautiful library.  It was actually one of the reasons I moved here, that and my future husband lived here.  

My kids (and me) not only needed a change of scenery, they needed a little space from each other.
I love that they were so excited to pick out their books and had trouble narrowing it to a five book limit.  I love that the older kids read a couple of their books before we left and had to go back to pick out new ones to bring home.  
What I find confusing is why the little ones became fascinated with toys that we have at home?  They had a little trouble sharing the train table with other kids. 
"Um, guys, let that kid play, we  can go play with our train table at home," I told them.  They looked at me like I was nuts.  Mmm-kay.

But, whatever.  They were happy, mostly, and no one broke anything.  It was a good day.

Speaking of scenery changes, here's blog update...I just added a page on this here blog called "Blogging/Vlogging Here Too."  It has some links to other sites and channels where I've been featured or done some work.  It also includes this key phrase:
"If you are interested in having me write a review, a guest post or produce a video for you, please contact me at youngbloodsix@yahoo.com."
Know anyone that might need my writing/video production services?  Please feel free to pass along my information.

Here's just a fun little video from up and coming group Karmin.  Sure it's a year old, but it's fun.  I think I love them and what they call "swag pop."  Enjoy.

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