Friday, May 31, 2013

Missing the Chaos, What I Know For Sure & #iPPP

Last weekend, I had more alone time.  A whole 24 hours this time.  And this time, I didn't go out dancing or drink too much or toss and turn.  No, this time I was quiet and thoughtful and got so. much. sleep.  

Tim took the kids to his parents' cottage early Saturday morning.  I waved good-bye from the front porch and then got back in bed, for hours.  I drank coffee and watched an Arrested Development marathon.  It was pretty f-ing wonderful.
 I watched 238 episodes in a row in preparation for the new Netflix season, which I'm only a few episodes into and not thrilled with.
Have you watched the new season?  What do you think?
 I didn't talk to anyone except my puppy Cosi.  She and I kind of bonded, which quite frankly after a few rough months together, it was needed.

I fought the urge to call friends and family I haven't spoken to in forever.  I enjoyed not talking, teaching, answering questions, asking questions, saying the right thing or saying the wrong thing.

I walked down the street to get lunch.  It was so strange to go at my own pace.  No hurrying.  

Just one foot in front of the other, breathe deeply, smile at strangers passing by, nod to the biker, notice landscaping I haven't seen before, appreciate the sun on my face...nothing but sidewalk ahead.  

The restaurant I went to was closed which would've been a big deal if I had four kids tagging along possibly throwing fits.  But not the new well-rested, Zen me.  I walked home enjoying my sunny sidewalk and went with restaurant plan b.  

I got on my bike, the bike with the kid trailer, the empty kid trailer.  I rode through the park to the sandwich shop.  

Then I secured my glorious sandwich in the trailer and headed home.  Several people attending a Memorial Day Weekend festival in the park peeked into the trailer somewhat surprised to see a sandwich and not a cute baby.  I rode on proudly, got back home, got back in bed and ate my lunch.

It was all good.  But ultimately, I missed the noise.  I missed the chaos.  I missed my kids.
Don't I look calm?  This is moments before the family returned, I know I won't look this calm until the next time I'm alone and that's okay.
Being alone is good therapy for sure.  But my life is all crazy and loud and full of answering questions and asking questions.  Time is going to go fast, hell it already has, and before I know it, my kids will be graduating and moving on and that will be good, but it will be quieter.  My time alone made me love my time surrounded by my chaotic, loud, family, I know that for sure (this week).

Here's what else I know (this 


  • Helpers are awesome.  Wade is at that fun age when he thinks cleaning is fun and wants to "help" with every chore.

  • I hate bathing suit shopping.  I am heading to the store this weekend and I dread it.  I just dread it.   Here's a post from Buzzfeed that gives 12 good reasons why we should all be wearing 1960s bathing suits and asks "what is so goddamn wrong with wearing a one-piece?"

  • Looking glamorous can be dangerous.  In this week's vlog I attempt at applying false eyelashes almost results in me losing my vision in one eye.  In case you missed it, check it out.

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  • Nothing wrong with the 90s.  The past couple weeks I've written a lot about the 1980s here and here and here.  But the 90s had it going on too.  Here's my summer jam from my single post college days, La Bouche anyone?

Oh wait, what about Heavy D's Now That We Found Love?  I'm going way back and I love it.  Totally doing more posts on the 90s.  "Keep it funky."

  • The baby of the family, Wade, is a good sport.  And he just rolls with it.  You want to paint nails and play dress up? He's game.  You want to play hockey? He's game.  He's a cool kid that baby Wade (who's not really a baby, but a baby to me).

  • There's no shame in flossing. Do you have a Floss Face?  If not, get one and take a picture and you could win an iPad.  For real.  And head on over to this post and comment to win a six-pack of dental floss, which doesn't sound like a lot, but dude it's quality floss, the good stuff.  Click here and may the floss be with you.

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  1. I know for sure that I would LOVE a whole day (or two) to myself. I haven't gotten one since last summer. I always miss my babies (especially the little one) but I crave that time to not hurry, put my feet up, eat what and when I want. SIIIIIIGH.

    1. I know, it really was soooo good. It just helps you remember who you are even though you miss the babes. I hope you get some time alone at home soon my friend.

  2. Gulp. Ryan and I are going away for three kid-free nights next week. I am so nervous about the missing of my babies. I hope I have the calm face :)

    1. Oh you will miss the babies, but you will also feel so good. I know after you get used to it, you too will have the calm face. It's good that's three nights and not just one honestly, so you can adjust. Enjoy your kid-free time!!!!