Monday, May 27, 2013

Looking Back

Memorial Day is a day of remembering.  Remembering those brave souls that died in service defending our freedom.  Remembering family and friends we have lost.

It's also a day of barbecues, block parties and picnics.  It's the officially the unofficial kickoff of summertime.

So, I hope that you are barbecuing or block partying while you are remembering. I hope that as you look ahead to the summer that is just beginning you are filled with hope, happiness and sunshine.  That sounds a little hokey and sappy for me.  But something happens to me in the good old summertime, I get nicer, happier, more patient, more fun.  I love summertime.

Here's a look back at one of my happiest memories from last summer, our road trip.  The road trip in the  van without air conditioning that should have made me grumpy and spiteful, but it turned out to renew my faith in humanity.  

Yup, it w as a big deal.
Click here to read all about it.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


  1. LOVE that picture! I can NOT imagine taking four kids in a car with no A/C (???). You're my hero!

  2. It really wasn't the smartest idea...I was worried about overheating. But we ended up having so much fun, I am so glad we went because we did think about cancelling the trip.