Monday, June 17, 2013

In Love With Home

We weren't supposed to fall in love with our home.  It's a rental.  Not a fancy rental. In fact, we intentionally picked out a not-so-fancy rental because well, we aren't fancy people.  We are messy people that would rather play in the back yard than manicure it.  We are don't worry about tracking mud in the house people.  We are life's too short to worry about being perfect people.  


So this not-so-fancy rental was supposed to fill a need.  We needed a roof over our head and this place provided it.  Who cares that the driveway is the worst and grows more grass in the cracks than in our actual yard? Not us.  Nope.  Roof doesn't leak, we're all good.

That was as far as it was supposed to go.  But what I've discovered is I kind of love this crappy old home.  The green walls, the nice neighbors, the quiet street, wood floors, the way the light shines through the windows in the morning...a few months ago I started to fall in a lot of like.  But then, we started hanging out on the porch this spring/summer.  And it's official, I love this crappy old rental home.

The porch is big enough for all six (seven including the dog) to spread out and do our own thing.   

 Of course the people filling up my porch are pretty wonderful, even those people that don't want to get their picture taken.

It's been an interesting up and down, little over a year since we moved into this house and it feels...not just like home, but a home we love.  And it feels good.

We are less than a week into summer vacation and aside from a couple sick Youngbloods, we are off to a good start.  Check out what we did in 2 1/2 days of summer vaca last week:

Just The Beginning- Summer 2013 from Jumping With My Fingers Crossed on Vimeo.

And here's the old(ish) song that I love so much and is all about HOME.

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  1. I love your porch, too, like crazy. Ours is nowhere near that great. And that video is awesome! You guys are going to have a great summer.