Monday, June 24, 2013

Baseball Times A Million

It was a weekend full of baseball. And baseball and well, um, more baseball.  It was all baseball games times a million.  

It's a good thing we all kind of like baseball. 

It also happened to be the first really hot weekend of the year.
These two tried to find any patch of shade they could
at one of the very hot baseball games.

There was a little bit of pool time too.

But then it was back to baseball.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not the best sports mom or even a pretty good one.  I screw up practice times, get lost to the games and don't get overly competitive or buy any spirit wear.  But I'm very proud of my boys and everything they do.   
Wade can't wait to get a chance to be on a team someday. 

I enjoy spending time with Lucy during the games and watching her play with Wade. Notice I didn't say I enjoy spending time with Wade.  We're getting there and we have some good moments, but he can still be a little challenging at stuff like this.  He whines, he explores, he climbs, he cries and of course he wants to snuggle when it's 95 degrees.
Famous quote from Sandlot, but it works sometimes when I'm talking about little Wade.

Ask Lucy the score and she won't have any idea.
Ask Lucy where the concession stand is and she can give you very detailed directions.  

When I see my boys of summer all sweaty and happy and proud, it really is the best feeling.  When they make a great play and they puff out their chests while looking over at the crowd to make sure we (their dad) saw it, my heart is full.  Right now I don't get too worked up if they make mistakes or have bad games. I used to feel so badly for them, but now it's just part of the game.  

Oh no you didn't Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan, this quote is ahhhhhmazing and is good for baseball and parenting and well, yeah, everything in life.

To me that's what youth sports is all about, learning to feel proud of those winning moments, not braggy; learning to lose, without it ruining your life; learning to persevere in mega heat and to stay hydrated.  Honestly, all of these lessons are huge and I wish I would've learned them earlier, especially the stay hydrated lesson.

But mostly, I love that my boys love something so much.  They love it so much that after 59,304 hours of baseball this weekend, they went home and played catch in the backyard together. 

This is one our all-time favorite movies (Sandlot) and this scene is my favorite baseball scene in a movie.  


  1. Reading this just made me sweaty. I don't even really know if my kids would like to play t- ball yet, but I haven't given them the choice. they all need to learn to be in a team, but I know that their dad wouldn't be able to be at 95% of the gangs. And honestly? there's no way in hell I'm doing it all myself. I played softball when I was little and loved it. as a mom? not so much. we'll see.

  2. Love these photos - they're so cute and fun!