Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Getting Real at BlogHer

I'm getting ready to go to BlogHer in California.  It's a big-time conference for real bloggers and social media people.  I guess I'm one of those real blogger social media people now.   My flight leaves this Thursday and I'm nervous, like way nervous.  

I'm nervous to fly (my weird flight anxiety has gotten so bad over the last few years), to be away from my kids, to figure out what sessions to go to and how to get to my hotel from the airport.  I am not nervous however to be around so many real blogger social media people.  Will I be starstruck? Will I raise my hand in a session?  Am I a real enough real blogger to even be at the party?  I'm not one hundred percent sure about any of those things, but I know it will be okay.

A few years ago, I went to a smaller blogging conference and felt completely unprepared and out of place.  I was intimidated by the real bloggers.  I wore my insecurity around, on display like other bloggers wore cute flower pins (a lot of bloggers wore cute flower pins at this particular conference).   On the way home from that conference I cried and questioned why I even did this blogging thing.

But I kept on blogging, kept on searching for my voice and my confidence and myself.  Blogging, expressing myself, interacting with other creative types and noncreative types, producing a storytelling all led me to understanding that the more authentic I am, the more real I am, the more connected I am.  People respond to realness.  And it just feels good to be myself and honest.

It's been interesting the past few years, navigating writing sponsored posts without losing my voice, my authenticity.  When I was approached by Angel Soft® (BlogHer sponsor) to work with them to promote their #SheetOutOfLuck video campaign to discuss embarrassing #SheetHappens moments and how Angel Soft® can help prevent them, it just felt right.  

I mean you don't get much more real than talking about toilet paper and embarrasing moments in the bathroom.  Right?

The Angel Soft® videos are hilarious and as real as it gets.

Check this out...

And this one...

This one with teens and texting is my future, I just know it.

Knowing that we all have #sheethappens moments is the great equalizer.  Famous bloggers with a million Twitter followers have them.  My kids have them.  I have them.  We all have them.

I'm not afraid to get real and talk about them.  We all have had moments where we were stuck and vulnerable.  It gives finding our voice a whole new meaning.  When we run out of toilet paper and we have to ask someone in our family, or god forbid a stranger, to "get some toilet paper!!!!!!!!!! now, please!!!!!!!!!"

Angel Soft® wants to prevent you/me/all of us from having a #SheetHappens moment for an entire year.  They want to give someone a year's supply of Angel Soft® toilet paper.  I will be hosting a giveaway by Angel Soft® for a year's supply of toilet paper in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned.

Click here to check out more #SheetsAndGiggles videos.  Do you have a #SheetOutOfLuck moment?  You can share those moments with Angel Soft® on Twitter or Facebook, and follow the conversation using the official hashtags #SheetHappens and #SheetOutofLuck.

Check out the Angel Soft® web site.

And the Angel Soft® Facebook page and on Twitter.

These hashtags are priceless and those alone made me want to sign on to help with this campaign.  Because come on, let's get real--life is funny and it is so much better to be honest and laugh at ourselves and our #sheethappens moments.  

If you are going to BlogHer, head on over to the Angel Soft® booth (#201).  Stop by to participate in some fun booth activities and meet their team.  

So yeah, I'm nervous about getting to BlogHer, but I'm excited about being there.  I'm looking forward to meeting people that I've talked with only online but feel like they are some of my best friends.  I'm excited to meet bloggers/writers/YouTubers that I admire.  I'm excited to be real and vulnerable and honest and connect and laugh and learn.

I received financial compensation for this post from Angel Soft® however all opinions contained are my own.


  1. Have fun at BlogHer, and I know that sheet will not happen to you because you have TP ;)

  2. I'm SO EXCITED to hug you SOON!!!

    You are so very real and authentic and genuine, and that's one of the many things i love about you, Angela!

  3. It's funny reading this now that BlogHer is over. Yo hare one of the most REAL and genuine people I have ever met. Seriously, your personality totally shines, and I feel lucky that you wanted to hang out with me. xoxo

    1. Also, "yo hare" is Leigh Ann speak for "you are."