Thursday, September 18, 2014

Old School Blogging-Fall Favorites

Today I'm kickin' it old school and linking up with my pal Elaine from The Miss Elaine-ous Life to answer a few questions for a link up called Old School Blogging.  

Speaking of old school, there was this song a million years ago called "Summer Girl" by Dino? Well, that was my jam back in 1988 (click here to relive the magic).  Even though I am what I like to call more mature now, which means just a lot older, I still feel like a summer girl.  I love that damn season and still can't believe I don't live on a beach somewhere that is sunny and warm year round.  Nope, I live in Michigan.  

People will tell you one of the great things about living in Michigan is all the seasons and those people are right.  

Even though I prefer Summer, Fall is pretty sweet here.  Elaine's Old School Blogging questions are all about Fall, so here are my answers:

1. What Fall traditions do you have?
We go to cider mills in the area and always go to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins.  One year we actually got stranded at the pumpkin patch, it turned out to be pretty funny--click here to watch how it all went down.

2. What is your favorite Fall recipe?
Last year I made this delicious gluten free Apple Cream Cheese Bundt Cake.  I think I will be making that again this Fall. (click here for the recipe)

But really, a crock pot full of chili is my favorite with  a side of gluten free cornbread. 

3. What is a favorite Fall photo (or photos) you've taken?

This picture is one of my favorites.  We didn't have too many trees with leaves falling in our yard, so Lucy collected as many as she could, put them in a basket and tossed them.

4. Football-- love it or hate it?
I grew up watching SEC football and my mom and grandparents were HUGE Alabama fans.  I loved it.  I lived in Pittsburgh after college and became a huge Steelers fan.  I married a guy who played college football and coached high school football.  BUT then I had three sons and now I'm terrified of it.  

I love this picture so much--two of my boys and coach (aka dad).
But I love the way they love the game and seeing them so happy.

5.  What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? 
My mom made all my costumes when I was a kid.  My favorites were the Pink Panther and Tweety Bird.  They were ahhhhhmazing.

6.  Pumpkins or Ghosts or both?
Both.  I love Halloween.  Candy and dress up clothes and no family or religious pressure? Um, LOVE it.

7. What's your favorite fall fashion item?
I wish it were boots, but my legs are too short to pull of a cool boot look.  I dig sweaters.  My favorite fashion item last fall was the shawl.  

8. Is "leaf pile jumping" your thing or not?
Totally my thing.  It's messy and fun and ridiculous, it's totally my thing.
This picture is from a few years ago.

9. Is "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" a must-watch at your house?
Yup.  Every year after the kids come back from trick-or-treating they watch it.  The Shrek Halloween special is a newer favorite and one we watch Halloween night too.

10. What are you going to be for Halloween this year (or your kids)?  
Every year I wear a purple wig and pass out candy.  Wade is going to be a knight, Lucy is going to be Artimes (a Greek goddess) and the other boys are still unsure.

What are your Fall favorites? 

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  1. I love that leaf-jumping pic! :D And I want some of that cake RIGHT NOW! Looks SO good. save me a slice (or 3). Happy Fall!

  2. I wish we had Fall here JUST so I can jump in leaves :)

  3. I love leaf jumping and that is a most amazing leaf pile!!

  4. We have #7 in common. I love boots on other people, but I haven't found my pair yet. Best leaf jumping pic so far! And crock pot chili? Now I'm craving that! Happy Fall!