Friday, November 21, 2014

The Snow & What I Know For Sure

This week it snowed here.  It snowed a lot.  

As I scrambled to find matching gloves and snow pants and boots the kids hadn't outgrown, I sort of forgot to get excited.  It was just one more challenge in my life as an unorganized parent.  Waaaaa.

But it turns out, it was really hard to be extremely grumpy about the snow when the kids, especially Wade, were so excited.  Wade was in awe of the falling snow.  When I picked him up from Pre-K, he immediately flopped on the ground and made snow angels.  He wanted to "scoop the snow" off the sidewalk and driveway.  Everything about the snow was great to Wade.

The older kids threw snowballs and prayed for snow days.  

They all got excited about the snow.

Yesterday morning, the snow was coming down hard.  The big kids didn't get their wish for a snow day and headed off to school.  Wade was laying in my bed watching TV.  Instead of bemoaning the fact that I couldn't get warm and that we had to "scoop" a ton of snow off our driveway and our minivan if we wanted to go anywhere, I stopped and surrendered to the moment.  Instead of racing around, I made us toast, put it on a tray and got under the covers with him.  As the snow fell and fell and fell, we ate toast, snuggled and watched cartoons.  

Later that day, I did indeed have to scrape the windshield and battle the bad roads to pick up kids from practice and take them to get haircuts and then back home.  "At least it's not Buffalo," I heard someone say at the salon.  I actually heard about five people say that over the course of my errands.  

I smiled because I realized those people were surrendering to the moment too--choosing gratitude and a positive attitude over grumbling and complaining and grumpiness.

Sometimes it's easier to surrender to the excitement and the joy of a moment rather than getting grumpy and ungrateful.  Sometimes it's easier to make toast and get back in bed.  Sometimes it's easier and just so much better to be happy, I know that for sure this week. 

Here's what else I know for sure this week:
  • I love my kids. Duh, right?  But last night I looked over while they were watching Frozen and three of them were sitting in our big chair together.  I love that they can all fit still.  I love that no one told them to sit there, they just did.  I love them.

  • No one needs to die on Parenthood.  I heard a rumor that in the last four episodes someone dies.  Nooooo!  I don't need sad and realistic, that's what real life is for. 
  • One of my new favorite shows is The People's Couch on Bravo.  If you like to laugh out loud, you should watch it.  
  • This song makes me want to dance and dance and dance.

  • Jimmy Fallon is one talented dude and The Roots are awesome.  I've been going to bed earlier lately but luckily I can watch clips from all my favorite late night shows.  Here's one when Jimmy Fallon filled in for YouTube and sang Desire.  So good.

What do YOU know for sure this week?  Let me know here or over on my Facebook page.


  1. That Uptown Funk song brings me all the joy. And my youngest is making me rather excited for snow. I love the possibility of it around the holidays.

  2. I adore Jimmy Fallon. And I really need you to help me embrace the cold. It was freezing last week!