Friday, May 29, 2015

Circle Time

Wade graduated from PreK last week. 

After the short ceremony, his teachers told me a story about an incident that happened the week before during circle time.  The story they told pretty much sums up my theory of the true power of storytelling to build connectivity and relatability of the human experience.  

Here's what they said went down at circle time...

"I pick my nose," Wade announced to the class as he sat with his legs in the criss-cross/applesauce position.  "Yeah, sometimes I hide in my bed underneath my stuffed animals and pick my nose."

There was a brief silence.  "Well, okay thanks for sharing, but I'm not sure we should be talking about picking our noses," his kind teacher said to the class.

"I pick my nose too," said Wade's friend.

"Me too," said another kid from across the circle.

Pretty soon most of the 13 children in Wade's class were nodding along and admitting their nose picking or that they knew someone who picks their nose.

This is the perfect example of how being real and authentic can bring people together on a topic that might be a little uncomfortable.  Sure I don't want Wade to be famous for uniting nose pickers, but I love that he isn't afraid to be himself.  Look out world, er, kindergarten.

Authentic, unafraid, uniter, storyteller, truth teller....these are things I wish for all the graduates to be/become.

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  1. That is the best thing to come from a nose picking story that I've ever seen. :)