Thursday, August 20, 2015

Craftapalooza-Painting Sticks & Making Necklaces (A Pinterest Poser Challenge)

With only a couple weeks of summer vacation left and a bunch of kids to entertain, I am completely out of ideas and out of money.  Thank god for Pinterest. I found some good, cheap projects to keep us all entertained.

This week's Pinterest Poser* Challenge is to keep the kids busy, entertained and engaged and have a little fun and not spend a million dollars.

*In an attempt at not being a Pinterest Poser,** every week-ish I detail a new project/idea/recipe inspired by Pinterest.
**My definition of a Pinterest Poser is someone who is all pins and no substance.

Last week we had family visiting and a few friends over, it was a full house. So after identifying some awesome projects on Pinterest,  I headed to Michael's to pick up some art supplies--paint, paint brushes, ribbon and chalk pens. I sent two of the older boys in the house to the hardware store down the street to get a bag of washers.  I gathered a bunch of sticks and rocks. I covered the front porch table with plain brown paper and set up a real craftapalooza station.  

At first, the crafting was a small quiet gathering of a few well-behaved boys. But the festival of craftiness soon gave way to more kids painting with abandon and the making of necklaces, the freedom of expression, decorating rocks, painting sticks and laughter and silliness and spilled paint and glitter everywhere and all things good that can come from a craftapalooza.

JT painted his stick and pretended it was a Harry Potter wand.  
He ran around yelling "Expelliarmus!" 

Painting sticks isn't a new idea. I have painted stuff, all kinds of stuff, forever--rocks, sticks, lampshades, pots, walls, boxes.  Because painting stuff feels good.  I got re-inspired to paint sticks after seeing this pin from one of my new favorite craft bloggers- ArtBarBlog.  I first discovered this blogger after reading this post on Design Mom's Living With Kids series, it's an awesome home and a really great interview about raising kids.   I know follow ArtBarBlog on Pinterest and Instagram and am so inspired.

Back to painting sticks. All you need is paint, brushes and sticks.  

"There is no wrong way to paint a stick," I told the kids.  "You don't like the way it looks paint over it."

I love painting sticks. It has become my new therapy, like other people's grown up coloring books.

The kids like it too.

Painted sticks are now my centerpiece for my front porch table.

Check out some of our decorated rocks--we used paint and a chalk pen ($3 at Michael's). 

The washer necklace idea came from this pin. The washers cost $3.50 for 50. The ribbon cost $4. You just weave the ribbon through the washers and then tie the ribbon for a pretty awesome necklace. Be careful not to cut your ribbon too short. That happened to us, but we just tied extra ribbon on the back.
I couldn't figure out exactly how to get started, but my niece Charlotte caught on quickly and made necklaces for everyone.

I think it looks pretty rad. I wore my necklace to a party last weekend and got a ton of compliments.

After everyone left for the day, the front porch looked like the house in the old movie "Sixteen Candles" after the big party.  Evidence of the crafting fun strewn about the table, glue bottles without tops, a million paint brushes soaking in dirty water, bits of glitter glistening in the setting sun.  

I sat back and exhaled a sigh full of my-job-here-is-done-I-am-no-Pinterest-Poser satisfaction.  Art was made. Crafts were created. Fun was had. Not a lot of money was spent. Boosh!

I leave paint and brushes on the table outside at all times now in case anyone wants to paint a stick.
It's like everyday can be a
craftapalooza day!

Have you made anything inspired by Pinterest lately? Let me know in the comments or over on my Facebook page.

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