Monday, August 3, 2015

Everyday Kind Of Small Town Family Fun w/My Fancy New Camera

We have been traveling a little bit this summer and we've loved it. We also love the small town we live in and had a pretty great weekend exploring it. I took my fancy new camera and captured some of our everyday-kind-of-small-town fun.

We are lucky enough to live close enough to nature trails and parks.

Tim is hamming it up and making fun of me a little for taking pictures of everything and everyone, but I think it's a great picture of him.

We have a fabulous little farmer's market on Saturday morning in our little town.  

This local vendor had us at "Gluten Free Kitchen!"


There were farm animals to pet and my boys loved the rooster.  


Our flowers. Look at the heart shape in the middle! Love!

History and stories are everywhere and I love it so much.

But maybe our favorite place in our little town is our front porch.

I think Wade loves the front porch because he can totally hang out in his underwear. Ha!
I still have a TON to learn about my fancy new camera. But for now I'm really enjoying capturing life on the road and on vacation and right here at home in our small town.