Friday, March 11, 2016

My Dog and What I Know For Sure

Facebook reminded me yesterday that it was three years ago on that day that we got our puppy Cosi

When we first got married, Tim and I got a puppy. We named him Al. Al was a great puppy and a great dog. After Al died, I grieved him like a human. I would be sweeping the kitchen enjoying a quiet moment while the kids napped and all of a sudden I would be overcome with grief and I would be crying. It was rough and I swore to never, ever, ever get another dog. And I didn't, until I did. Three years ago, the kids and Tim convinced me to get another puppy.

Around the time we went to pick up our new puppy, I happened to be obsessed with Les Miserables. I had just seen the movie and the kids and I had listened to the entire soundtrack from the play over and over and over. So, naturally I wanted to name the puppy after a character from the movie. We named our puppy Cossette and decided to call her Cosi.  As we rode home I played a special song from the Les Miserables soundtrack that talked about Valjean taking care of Cosette and sang it loudly and pointed to our new puppy Cosette. Because duh, I'm overly dramatic and ridiculous.

In the beginning, I'm going to be honest Cosi was no Al and I wasn't so into her. She seemed un-trainable and nervous and obsessed with food and she licked too much and she was SO MUCH WORK.

But slowly Cosi grew on me. She was so patient with the kids, especially JT. She was anxious around the so many people, except JT, and me. I not only grew to like her, I grew to love her.

It's crazy how much I love my dog. I really never saw this coming, never, ever, ever. But I know for sure that I love my weirdo, anxious, lovable dog Cosi.

(And then I got ANOTHER dog. What?! lol. Rufus is a whole other story.)

Here's what else I know for sure this week:

  • It feels like spring here and we LOVE it. Wade was so excited to find out that he still remembered how to ride his bike.

  • This is funny. Who knew, nature is good for us? lol.

(Click here to watch the video.)

  • This is heartbreaking. It's a powerful, disturbing video about the Flint water crisis.

  • I sort of love Kate Hudson. I follow her on Instagram and want to buy her new book.

  • Bikes are cool. I took this picture of JT and a couple of his friends the other day and it looked like they were straight out of the Goonies or E.T. I love that riding bikes is still cool.

  • Talking and watching politics is making me anxious. So, I'm not watching as much or talking about it as much. I feel happier. I voted in my primary, I'm active in my community, I'm informed...I'm just not watching all the debates and reading all the Twitter posts and listening to all the hotheads on all sides. The general election is a long way from now, I need to pace myself.

What do YOU know for sure right now? Tell me.
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