Friday, August 5, 2016

Go Ahead, Be Weird-- My Listen To Your Mother Story 2016

The last few weeks, just like the old Johnny Cash song, I've been everywhere man. And I loved it. I am trying to settle into my normal life and learn to get back in a groove, or at least try to find any kind of groove. While I was gone, the videos from last May's Listen To Your Mother (LTYM) show in Detroit were published. They are so good. Go watch all of them. You will love them, I promise.

My story is about embracing my weirdness. Which honestly, I needed to remember today as I try to find that groove. I often feel like I am the wrong person to handle the demands of mothering four busy, active kids who love football and travel baseball. I feel like I am letting them down because I have trouble being organized. But then I remembered what I told the audience last May--- "my bag is sweet chaos, four kids, three jobs, feeling it all and loving it so super power is adventure and being sensitive and compassionate and being able to totally being in the moment." I have to believe there's value in that kind of sweet chaos and maybe that's my groove.

Here's my story from Listen To Your Mother Detroit:

(Click here to watch the video.)

While you are watching, you should watch ALL the videos from our spectacular cast in Detroit.
this playlist on the #LTYM YouTube channel

And hey, you should go listen to ALL of the LTYM shows all across North America featuring powerful stories that capture all kinds of different feelings and experiences about mothering and growing up. On the Listen To Your Mother YouTube channel we feature a variety of playlists by topic, and for 2016 they’ve added two new playlists–one with stories about race, and another with stories from LGBTQ families.

And because I said groove so many times, here's the Madonna classic:

(Click here to watch the video.)

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  1. I need a little sweet chaos to balance me out sometimes, which is why I so appreciate your vibrancy. You inspire me to let certain things go, to be okay with losing some stuff, and to dance a little more. xoxo