Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Snow Day Reboot

Last week I was struggling. I had too much to do. I'd said yes to too many things and too many people. I was feeling lost and confused and unappreciated and unsure where I fit in and exhausted. Totally exhausted.

Then I cancelled a meeting and told someone I couldn't do a freelance job and it was such a relief. It felt like a weight had been lifted or like someone somewhere gave me a raise. It felt good.

Then it started to snow, and snow, and snow, and snow.  Activities were cancelled. We were all forced to hunker down together and IT WAS FABULOUS.

Slow rolling family meals, Christmas movies, music, no schedule, hot chocolate, more movies and more food....I live for this shit. 

And THEN there was a snow day yesterday. Um, my faith in a higher power listening to my prayers/desperate pleas for life to slow down, may have just been restored a bit.

These two nut jobs had a blast in the snow all weekend. 

We made gluten free Christmas cookies.

Wade was a fan of the sprinkles. My sprinkle rule is the same as my glitter rule...there is never too much!

We ate so many meals together, which is my dream come true.

Hot cocoa in Christmas mugs!

It wasn't perfect. I cried a little bit because one of the kids wanted to go to a friend's house instead of being with us once the roads cleared. The little boys usually ended up punching each other at least twice a day, at least. The older kids had their phones way more than I wanted. Tim was still on the couch a lot because he is recovering from shoulder surgery. But so what? That stuff happens all the time. It's much easier to handle when I'm not running late or behind and wondering how I will do it all or when I will do it all. 

Even the moody tween was smiling. It was a GOOD weeekend.

This weekend was the thing I wanted most for Christmas--free time at home remembering who we are and who I am. We unplugged (a little). We rebooted. We hit the reset button. And we had fun.

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