Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dear Diary....I Know Some Stuff For Sure This Week

Life just keeps getting busier and busier. I feel like blogging has become like my old diaries where all my entries used to start with "Dear Diary, It's been so long since I wrote in here. So much has happened."

Working a couple part-time jobs, raising a bunch of kids, sort of managing a household and a life has me all kinds of exhausted. 
One afternoon last week we had the house to ourselves unexpectedly and um, we took a nap. Lucy found us like this when she got home from school and took this picture. LOL!
It's hard to find balance, make time for identity and improvement, meditation and coping, being a wife, being active and healthy, being creative. I mean I need 10 more hours in every day please.

I used to write a new blog post every day. Posts about crafts, posts about politics, posts filled with pictures and sometimes funny stories. I wrote posts that were sponsored by toothpaste companies, phone companies and even toilet paper companies. Every Friday I wrote a post about something I knew for sure. Well, here's what I know for sure right now:

  • I miss blogging and writing and being creative.

  • There is power in being silly and I'm so glad I married a man who embraces that fact. This man is ridiculous. 

  • Time is going faster. I mean that's a thing right? The older you get, the faster time goes.
    Look at this cute boy, that's my baby!
  • Having active, sporty kids is really wonderful. But um, they do get hurt a lot and it's making me crazy (er).

JT's sporty cast for his broken finger!

Saw this poster at one of the dr.'s offices we were in recently. Took a picture to know what's ahead...

  • I want to lose weight and be healthy, but I also really love to eat. A lot.
Yes please, anytime. Seriously, anytime.

  • I want a long silk robe, with shoulder pads. Yup. After watching the movie Jackie I wanted a long robe like the ones Natalie Portman wears. She looked so sophisticated. But then I was watching Golden Girls the other day and I LOVE that Dorothy's long robe had shoulder pads. LOOOOOOVE. I need and want a fancy long robe. And by the way, I laugh out loud at the Golden Girls. It's some funny shit.
So sophisticated right?

So freakin awesome right?

  • I need more sleep now that I'm entering the middle forties.
  • Summer is better than winter. Look, I like winter sports, I embraced Hygee-ing but dude, summer is just better. I can't wait for sitting on the porch, swimming, sunshine and sundresses.
  • I'm down for learning and embracing yoga. It's going to be my new thing. I recently hurt my back and it suuuuuucked. It all comes down to a weak core and tight hips. That needs to change, so I will be embracing yoga.
  • I'm planning my road trip for this summer and I AM SO EXCITED! The countdown is officially on. St. Louis here I come (and a million places in between). It's going to be epic.
  • Vanderpump Rules is one of my favorite reality shows. I can't believe I know that for sure, but I do. I teared up at the preview for the upcoming wedding episode. I mean they fly the brothers in? Come on! I'm not even embarrassed anymore. I need distraction from the news of the world and this show is where it's at.
  • Fabletics pants are the bomb. I just got my first pair and they are awesome. Which makes me happy because I'm a big Kate Hudson fan and I wanted her company to be good. 


  1. Golden Girls makes me laugh so hard every time I watch it. A robe with shoulder pads has to be the best kind of robe, right?

  2. Love your blog today! Yes, Fabletics pants are AWESOME! I specially like the ones that are high waisted to help cover up/suck in the tum-tum! Art and I relish in those quiet alone moments too and it always ends up in a cuddle.😊 Big HUGS 🤗 to you and hoping for a swift back recovery! Rock on, girlfriend! (Your blog cheered me up today😁)

  3. That picture of you two that Lucy took is priceless. <3

  4. Those are some kind of rad dancing skills! I feel your pain, but isn't it crazy how the more you dance, the better you feel!?