Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Dallas Obsession (& A Vlog Link Up)

I love television.  I think I might have mentioned that fact here on this blog, um, maybe 25,000 other times.

(With posts like The Housewife Effect, The Value of TV? and We Are So Not Boring (and other lessons from old TV shows) and more.)

But you may or may not know that I might be just a little obsessed with the television show Dallas.  I grew up watching the show.  I played Dallas as a kid--I named my pretend department store Clayton's after Miss Ellie's second husband.  I own a couple seasons on DVD.  I hummed the theme song as a lullaby to a couple of my kids when they were babies.

Yeah, it's all true.  I may have even entered a contest to win my very own Ewing barbecue on Southfork Ranch once (which I may have not won).

To say I was skeptical about the new version of Dallas on TNT would be putting it mildly.  Much to my surprise, and delight, I ended up loving it last year.  The new season kicked off this past Monday night and I thought it would be the perfect thing to talk about in my latest MomPulse Vlog.

I linked up with the amazing MamaKat (check her out, she is FUNNY).  

MamaKat is a little like my vlogging Miss Ellie--a comic YouTube mentor who has all the answers.  And she has weekly vlog prompts and link ups.  This week one of the prompts was "what are your top five TV shows."  Well, my one top TV show took up my whole 3 minutes of vlog time, so here it ode/review to/of Dallas.

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And just because I love it so much, here's the Dallas Remix video.


  1. I remember watching Dallas, the original, with my mom when I was a teen... sounds like I should watch the new Dallas. :-)

  2. I didn't even know there was a NEW Dallas! Thanks for the info :) I hope you get your dream BBQ some day :)

    1. Def check out the new Dallas, it's so good!

  3. Yes! I don't feel right laughing at things in reality shows - like when people are being mean or stuff. As for the questions about stupid dreams? I'll have to think about that one.

  4. I watched the old Dallas too and the hubby and I have watched the new too. It actually was not a disappointment.

    I do wonder how the show will go now that he is gone. RIP

    Great vlog.

    ~Naila Moon

    1. Thanks! I wonder if it will go on now that Larry Hagman is gone. His final scenes in the last couple episodes have been soooo good. JR is Dallas, but I do hope the show continues to be good. Thanks for reading, watching and commenting.