Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not Boring

Some days aren't that exciting.  They are tedious, monotonous, um, boring.  They can't all be cutesy, anecdote-filled love fests.  

I just sat down to tell my husband, Tim, about my day and he fell asleep. Yes, my day (or my description) was that f#&*ing boring.  

But when I sat down to write about how boring my day was this picture popped up.

This isn't a boring face.  This is a oh-my-god-I-love-bubbles-and-bathtime-and-life-and-this-is-so-amazing face.

And then this picture uploaded:

This isn't a boring group doing homework.  This is a homework party with chips and dip and everyone hanging and learning and laughing and loving being together.

And then this picture came along:
This isn't a boring afternoon with a toddler.  This is front row seats to a hard-drumming, music-loving, life-embracing, determined 3-year-old.

Oh hell, this post just turned into a cutesy, anecdote-filled love fest.  It's just too good not to be.  

It's midnight and as I reflect back on my not-so-boring day, I'm doing my own kitchen dance.  My kids are sleeping, my husband is sleeping and I am dancing to bluesy Alabama Shakes songs.  If you could see my face, it's so not a boring face.  It's a god-damn-I'm-so-lucky-and-happy-and-tired-and-blessed face.  
Life is good and so not boring.

Listen to this song and dance while you think about all the non-boring, simple yet amazing moments of your day. I challenge you, do it, come on, just do it.

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  1. It's impossible to be bored with four fabulous children. Never a dull moment, ever.