Friday, July 19, 2013

Beating the Heat, What I Know For Sure & #iPPP

I think the only thing I  know for sure this week is that it's been hot, really hot.  So hot that my brain feels foggy and all I want to do is be lazy, and I'm not normally a lazy kind of chick.  No worries, there was no way that was going to happen.  It's nearly impossible to be lazy when you have four kids waking up each morning asking "what fun and super amazing, exciting thing are we going to do today?"

The heat made it a little tricky because it was too hot to do a lot---riding bikes, playing in the park, going for nature walks.  So, we spent lots of time at the pool. 
The oldest two are driving me crazy recapping episodes of MADtv on Cartoon Network, but they find each other hilarious and I love that.
Our lack of extra money made it a little tricky because it was too expensive to go see movies.  So, we watched movies on Netflix and got some at the library (we rented The Parent Trap and man, Lindsey Lohan really was such a good little kid actor).

The library loves us because we aren't loud or rowdy at all.
It was so hot, we were together a lot.   The air conditioning on our second level doesn't work that great so the boys have a window air conditioner in their room.  Well, Lucy got the futon out and slept on the floor of their room.  Even more togetherness.  
They set up a fort in the basement and wanted to watch a movie together before bed.  Yeah, Peyton isn't so into the movie but I love how he stays with the group.

It was so hot, I wouldn't even get that mad if the kids fought all the time and were just piss-y about all the togetherness and the no movies and the not so super amazing, exciting things I had planned for them everyday.  But they didn't fight (that much) and they weren't mad (all the time).  More often than not, the kids were happy with all the togetherness.  It's like they know it's borrowed time, it won't last.  Things will change and right now, even though it's hot as hell, being together is pretty super amazing.  

So there, I know two things for sure this week, it's hot and I have some of the coolest kids on the planet.

Here's what else I know for sure (this week):

  • It's too soon Michael's, too soon. It's just too damn early to put out Halloween decorations and crafting supplies.

  • Feedback can sting.  I got a YouTube comment that said "you need to chill lady, get a counselor." Ouch.  But he's probably right. Waaaaa.  Help me fight off the pain of his insightful, yet mean spirited, comment by subscribing to my YouTube channel.  Yeah, I just turned a sad story into a shameless plug.  Mmm-hmmmm.

  • Cosi, the puppy, is still here.  Of course she is, I made it clear we aren't giving up on her, but some days, my god, I question my devotion.  Unless they are days when I find JT snuggling with her, then it's just all kinds of patting myself on the back for saving her from deportation.

  • I'm having fun on Instagram, come on over and play with me  at @jumpingwithmyfingerscrossed.  I'm doing a whole hashtag series called #frontporchchronicles because I am still in love with my porch.

  • The latest parenting trend, the CTFD Method, is brilliant.  Have you heard of it?  Click here to read about the parenting trend that is for parents, that's why it stands for Calm The F*ck Down.  Like I said brilliant. 

What do you know for sure (this week)? C'mon, we're friends, share what you know. How are you beating the heat? Leave a comment here or on the Facebook page.

I'm linking up today with my friends Greta from and Sarah from for the #iPPP link up.  They host a link up where they encourage people to share "your funny, your yummy, your heartfelt, your favorite photos of the week" from our phones.  
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  1. Ahhhh, togetherness. Can't get enough. HAHAHAHAHA

    Thank goodness for pools, right? And yeah, WAY too early for Halloween stuff. I LOVE Lucy's face in that picture!

  2. I know for sure that it is too hot out. We have made our way through a lot of DVD's. You should check if your local theater offers $1 movies. Ours does and that might be on next weeks agenda.