Friday, July 5, 2013

Serious Business, What I Know For Sure & #iPPP

"They're attacking, get down," ordered Lucy while her brothers ducked behind the minivan.

"Run for cover!," yelled JT and they all ran to the bushes.  

No worries, my children weren't in any real danger.  They were just up to the serious business of being kids. Playing make believe and pretending the sounds of fireworks were an act of war.  Sounds of firecrackers rang through the darkening sky and my children were pretending they were in a battle.  They would stop to ooh and awe over fireflies and try to catch them briefly.  Then it was back to running from the enemy.
Fourth of July and we're having a blast (ugh, sorry I couldn't help it).  Not sure who was having more fun with the fireworks part of our holiday, Tim or the kids.

Earlier in the day they spent time trying to blow up a Spider Man action figure.
Poor Spidey.

Clearly they got the wrong message from the movie Toy Story.  Tim was the ringleader in this escapade and assured me it was totally normal for kids to want to do this.

I was just pleased that the kids were really working together.  Sure it was formulating a plan to try and melt Spidey's face off, but they were being nice to each other and that's what melted my heart.

I'm less firecracker and more of a sparkler person.  In fact, I love sparklers.  I fell in love with sparklers when Alice put them on a cake for one of the boys on The Brady Bunch.   How awesome is that? 

The kids indulged my sparkler love and then went back to plotting against Spidey and whatever enemy was attacking their base.

I love sparklers so much that after we thought the kids were in bed I busted out a few more.  I went into the front yard and heard "oh hey, mom!"  Hanging out the window above me were Lucy and JT.  They were listening to the faraway fireworks and pointing out the fireflies.  Neither one of them seemed surprised to see me running through the front yard with sparklers, they were just like "oh hey whassup" and then got back to their business.  Their business of being kids and telling stories and marveling at loud noises and the sounds of summer.

"This has been the best Fourth of July ever," Lucy yelled down to me before I warned her she should shut her window so bats don't fly into her room.

A little while later, I went to tuck them in (and check the room for bats) and I found Lucy and JT passed out from so much Fourth of July fun.  The serious business of being a kid is exhausting.

Sparklers, firecrackers and blowing up toys may not be everyone's idea of an epic Fourth of July, but it was one of our best, I know that for sure.

Here's what else I know for sure (this week):

  • Since we decided to keep our puppy, she's been one of the happiest dogs evah.  Which makes all of us happy.  And it's pretty awesome.
  • I am obsessed with the show Scandal.  Thank you Netflix and Hulu for letting us catch up from the beginning.  Tim and I are almost done with season one and it is sooooo good. 

  • It's not too late to impress people with a Fourth of July craft. If you have a weekend party to go to, this is the perfect cheap, easy and patriotic project.  Check it out:

  • Lucy and Wade are the perfect make believe partners in crime.  Mostly because he does whatever Lucy tells him to do.

  • This song by Imagine Dragons is how I'm feeling about my summer...on top of the world.  Peyton's fifth grade class sang this to the parents at his graduation.  Seriously, isn't that so cool? (And they sang it on Good Morning America this morning.)

  • Jennifer won the olloclip in lat week's giveaway. (The winner was determined using  In honor of living in the moment, loving it and capturing it on your iPhone, I'm gave away a quick-change camera lens for your iphone--the olloclip.  A lens that can make the awesome pics you already take on your iphone um, awesome-er.  It is a $70 lens and is perfect for capturing all the summer memories you are making.

What do you know for sure (this week)? C'mon, we're friends, share what you know. What did you do on the Fourth of July?  Leave a comment here or on the Facebook page.

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  1. I like sparklers but am so nervous to let my kids use them. Let's just say they run into each other and knock things over a LOT :)

    We had a really uneventful 4th, because we need to start packing. I am still waiting for the packing fairy.

  2. That sounds a lot like our fourth, except without a Spiderman casualty. :) Hanging around the house, blowing stuff up, lots of sparklers=PERFECTION.