Friday, September 13, 2013

Just the Two Of Us, What I Know For Sure & #iPPP

As the bus rolled away on the first day of school, I looked at Wade, he looked at me and we both kind of thought "now what?"

"Just the two of us kid," I said to him.  He seemed happy, unfazed.  It was fine.

But it turns out it was fine because he didn't really get the whole school is longer than one day and the kids are going to be gone a lot.  There have been tears.  "I miss our kids," he sobs almost every other day.  I hold him tight and unsuccessfully try and explain how long a couple hours is.

It's slowly getting better.  He and I are spending some pretty amazing time together.  

 He is at such a fun age.  An age I forgot is so magical and new and so not full of anxiety or friend drama or homework or scholastic testing or after-school practice.

"Did you ever hear the song about a bus and wheels?," he asked the other day after a fun morning at preschool.  OMG, I never sang The Wheels On The Bus to you kiddo? He is hearing and seeing and learning and doing all those sweet little kid things for the first time.  He is impressed with songs and sounds and the world is all new.

His open-eyed, everything is pretty amazing look on life can get lost when we are all together.  We can forget and get a little 
lost in all the busyness of bigger kid problems and schedules.  

But Wade is our little reminder that it's all pretty amazing.  It's amazing to be included, to watch the leaves turn colors in the fall (what? are you kidding me? awesome!), to sing songs, to learn new words, colors, shapes, letters, ideas. 

I feel so happy to have one-on-one time with this little wonder boy Wade.  From baseball in the back yard to bike rides to nature walks to snuggles on the couch.  "Mom, I'm the Red Sox, you be the Green Sox," he said.  You got it pal.

When I first heard the middle school got out over an hour earlier than elementary school, I was frazzled thinking it would cut into a nap I envisioned my non-napper Wade taking.  But what I didn't envision was the relationship that is happening with my oldest and my youngest.  Peyton walks up the the street from the bus stop and Wade yells "Buuuuddddy!!!! He's here, he's home!"  They eat a snack together, they play together, they hang out.  Just the two of them.
Sometimes the dog gets to hang out too.

I didn't have some grand plan about alone time with my youngest child.  I always worried about my oldest having any kind of relationship with my youngest.  I couldn't have planned this and that's what makes it even sweeter.  Just like the lyrics to some song, these are the days to remember I know that for sure this week and always.

Here's what else I know for sure this week:

  • I am not a black father, but this song really speaks to me.  I loved it before I had kids, back when I was dreaming about when I would have kids. It has some pretty great like "when the world attacks, when you slide off track, remember one fact, I got your back." Yes, that kids, always that.

  • Speaking of advice, I'm giving out mine on my YouTube channel.  Check out what I have to say about managing a big, busy family.  And subscribe to my channel while you're there.

  • I have no problem with Kmart's Christmas commercials airing right now. I am not a holiday kind of gal (even in December), but I am not angry. They promote spending wisely and layaway.  That's good stuff.

  • Here's more advice, this time from Kid President.  Cute video to show your kids.  

  • One more video...Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake!!!! You have to read that like Oprah would say it.  This is just sort of funny, but I think everything these two do together is all kinds of wonderful.  And JT is going to be on Fallon's show every Tuesday this month. Happy September folks.

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  1. "I miss our kids." AWWWWWW! It so hard for the little ones, isn't it? I'm glad you two are having fun, quality time together, and that is SO sweet that the two boys get to spend some time, too. SWOON.