Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Don't Call It A Comeback & a MamaKat Vlog Link Up

It's easy to get discouraged.  Sometimes I feel small, like what I'm doing is stupid.  

I'm talking about blogging and vlogging, it could be something else for you.  I'm talking about starting something, going for it and sticking with it.  Maybe it's to make money, maybe it's just to be creative and have fun, maybe it's to get all the voices out of your head.  I had you until the last one, right?  Okay I won't scare you with my neurosis, but you get it.  Right?

Over the past month, writing and blogging has helped me heal and feel less broken.  Connecting with people, motivating me to be creative, pushing me forward, teaching me about life, people and art.  Vlogging? Well, that's been harder.  I haven't wanted to sit in front of my flip cam or computer and talk.  

I suck at the sad vlog.  

Negative self-talk? I am a pro.  After not feeling the desire to vlog I started to say things like this in my head "why do you even vlog? no one watches" and "you don't have enough subscribers to matter."  Ouch.

Well, I'm fighting back and my inner bitch is going down.  I vlog because it's fun and creative and another way to connect.  I vlog because someday I hope I have more subscribers and can make a little money.  I vlog because I want to learn more about shooting and editing video.  I vlog because I have a voice and it matters.   I vlog because I want to.

Like an old LL Cool J song, don't call it a comeback.  I'm here and I'm sticking with it.  Today I'm proving it by posting a kick-ass vlog about....Kate Gosselin's hair.  Okay, they'll get better, but I'm sticking with it.  Cuz you know like LL says "I'm gonna take this itty bitty world by storm and I'm just gettin' warm."

Keep on keeping on with your something whether it's a vlog, a blog, a hobby a new business or your biggest, scariest dream.  Knock 'em out.

Here's the latest vlog, it's a link up with Mama Kat's Vlogging Prompts and yes, it's about Kate Gosselin's hair and what my obsession with it all means.  What does it meeeaaan????? (supposed to be a reference to famous YouTube double rainbow dude)

(If you are an email subscriber, click here to watch

If you want to help me prove my inner bitch wrong, please go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

And go check out Mama Kat & the other vloggers that link up.

It wouldn't be right not to include this video.  You should play and do a little air boxing and/or kitchen dancing.  Seriously, do it.
LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out


  1. Welcome to the club! I'd say I go round and round in my head at least once a month where I ask myself why I'm doing this, what's the goal? I'll get annoyed with how slow moving YouTube is when it comes to view numbers and subscribers and then I'll self talk it out, "So what's your goal? You want a million subscribers is that what you're going for??" Well noooo not really. "You want to be famous? You want to be on SNL? You want a book?" Well nooooo not really. "So why do you do it?"...Ummm I just think it's fun, I like to be silly and I like to make people laugh. Okay then! Keep it up! Honestly, my favorite part of this is getting to know people like YOU. It's fun, it's creative, and it's friendly (usually). Please don't go away!

    1. Thank you for making me feel more normal and for the encouragement. You are my real YouTube mentor/fairy godmother. Seriously, thanks for the support.
      I agree the best parts of vlogging are getting to know people and connecting and being silly.

  2. I love that you vlog and have fun doing it. Frankly, that is why I vlog. Ok, secretly I want to be discovered by some big Hollywood producer but until then...sigh.
    Anyway, don't go away. I love having you around.

    Oh yeah, and about her hair. OMGSH, gorgeous!

    1. Oh yes, a Hollywood producer would be ahhhhmazing wouldn't it? Thank you for the support!!!

  3. I like your vlog. but I so wanted you to show me Kate's hair because I have no idea what it currently looks like. You have nice hair so I'm thinking hers must be a-mazing! And you were serious on your vlog! Way to go! I'm with you though, totally go for the funny!

    1. I so should have put a picture of her hair up! I will totally do that on my next Kate Gosselin vlog. :) Thanks for watching and commenting.

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