Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pinterest Poser Challenge-Practical Edition

Pinterest is my new Google. It's quickly becoming my go-to resource for info.  Need a quote, a recipe, an outfit, inspiration...it's there.  

Need to know how to relax, to evaporate under eye puffiness, or how to cover textbooks...it's there too.  It's all kind of wonderful.

This past week, I used Pinterest to search and make, fix and serve.  My friends, I am no Pinterest Poser.**
**In an attempt at not being a Pinterest Poser,* every week I  detail a new Pinterest challenge whether it be a new recipe or a craft.   
*My definition of a Pinterest Poser is someone who is all pins and no substance.

Project Numero Uno:  
Unattractive Bags Under My Eyes

One of the downsides of aging is I can't drink and cry like I used to without nasty hangovers and puffy eyes.  It's depressing and makes me want to drink and cry more, but well, you know, it's a vicious cycle.  After a particularly puffy eye morning, I turned to Pinterest for help.  A quick, cheap fix was promised to me from pinners relying on cucumbers. Just slice up a cold cucumber and place a slice on each eye for five minutes.

The result? The bags were less baggy.  And the five minute rest with my eyes closed was amazing.  No checking my phone or watching the clock.

It's not plastic surgery, but it worked a little.  I'd do it again.

Project Number Two: Textbook Covers

When I was in school only the cool kids made text book covers and they looked pretty rad.  They were also the kids who could peg roll their jeans perfectly.  Those same people are probably some amazing Pinterest people now.  I was never that cool, so when my oldest child came home and said he needed book covers (they're mandatory) I didn't know what to do.  

After referencing Pinterest, I found a pretty simple tutorial (click here for the original pin).  I cut and folded and taped and sent my boy on his merry way.  

So my measuring is a little off. Whatever.
He came home to report my poorly assembled book covers failed and fell apart very quickly.  Yeah, I'm still so uncool after all these years.

My husband however, is the coolest.  He saved the day with grocery bags.  He cut, folded and taped and labeled.  

I think we all know that if I had wrapped my middle school son's text book with the Kroger paper I would have been an idiot.  But when dad does it, it's no big deal. Whatever.

They were perfect and actually stayed on after my son took them to school.

Project Number Three: Homemade Apple Sauce

After a pretty stupid experience at a local cider mill, I found myself with a bag full of apples and the desire to make apple sauce.  I went straight to Pinterest and found a very simple recipe. I was determined to make this work because I had sucked so badly at the textbook covers.  I peeled, cut, cooked and served.  It was easy and delicious.

Don't let the frowning pumpkin fool you, this recipe was a hit.

Here's the How-To:
  • All you do is peel 12 apples (we used several different kinds)and chop them up.
  • Cut half a lemon in slices.
  • Put them both in a large pot (the recipe called for a Dutch oven, but I don't have one) along with one cup of sugar.  Bring to a boil and then simmer for 25-30 minutes, stirring a lot.
  • Spoon out the lemon.
  • Serve warm.  
It's delicious.
Click here for the original recipe I pinned.

There it is, when in doubt, search Pinterest.  It's more than perfect people posting perfect rooms and recipes.  It's more than inspiration, it's useful and practical too.

Have you made something from Pinterest lately?  Had any great successes? Or advice?  Or warning about a project that's a total waste of time? Do tell.

Please share whatever you're working on in the comments here or over on Facebook.  Come on over and follow my Pinterest boards.

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  1. I've been PinTesting a lot recently. Mostly recipes. I'd love for you to add your link!
    So many good things to pin, right?

    1. Hey there! I just linked up and I'm going to try your yummy butternut squash recipe. I tried to leave a comment and it didn't show up. Waaaa. Thanks for letting me know about your link up, I plan on doing it more.

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