Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oscar Sunday & A Vlog

This Sunday is Oscar Sunday.  I'm kind of a huge fan of the broadcast.  I'm kind of a huge fan of movies and storytelling and escapism.  I'm also kind of a huge fan of celebrities, red carpets and fashion and opening musical numbers.  

I've watched the show for as long as I can remember, even before I was old enough to see any of the movies nominated.  It was always a big deal.  Ten years ago, I went into labor during an Oscar show and waited until it was over to go to the hospital.  Yup, true story.  Little miss Lucy was born the next day.

This year I haven't seen all the movies nominated, but who cares?  The movies I saw I really enjoyed.  I liked Wolf of Wall Street even though I felt like I was on a drug-induced ride throughout the movie and I couldn't stop saying f*ck when I left the theater.  No seriously, I don't normally like Leonardo but I thought he was amazing in this movie.  It made me forgive him for that Great Gatsby garbage last year.  I loved American Hustle....just loved it. The acting was incredible and I am now obsessed with the 70s (I was actually obsessed with the 70s in my senior year of college too. I'd listen to disco music before going out to the bar because nothing says good times like the BeeGees and Donna Summer, nothing).

But I do have a gripe with the Oscars... acceptance speeches, so many of them suck.  In this week's vlog, I give my advice to all the celebrities getting ready for Oscar Sunday on what they should do to make their speech ahhhhhmazing.

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Here are some of my FAVORITE Oscar speeches of all time:

Tom Hanks for Best Actor in Philadelphia. Now THIS is how you give a speech. Yes!!!!!!!

I know there are Gwyneth haters out there, but this Oscar speech makes me cry every time I watch it because dude, she really loves her family and I really love that.

Whoopi is so happy and that makes me happy.

This isn't an Oscar speech, but Emma Thompson's Golden Globe speech from 1996 is so good and witty, I had to include it here.


  1. Yes! I think thanking your mom should be part of any acceptance speech!
    I usually don't watch the Oscars, but this year I might, because Ellen is hosting :)

  2. Oh my goodness I love this so much! You are too cute and I couldn't agree with you more, especially about the legal team - yerk. I only want to hear about them if they got you out of prison to attend the ceremony - so true.

    The best speech so far this year was Jacqueline Bisset at the Golden Globes. Was she drunk? Was she crazy? Who cares? I wanted a whole night of speeches like hers.

    I will be watching it with you this Sunday!

    1. Yay! We can watch together. I know! What was going on w/Jacqueline Bisset at the GGs?

  3. You didn't include that Life is Beautiful acceptance speech? That was MY favourite! :-)

  4. Oh my gosh I love that one so much too! I almost did put it up. I spent a couple hours watching acceptance speeches on YouTube last night for "research" for this post. It was atually a lot of fun. It was like watching previews for movies, which I also find to be a lot of fun. :)

  5. I want to thank YOU for this great post about acceptance speeches and of course my Mother...I must thank my Mother!

  6. I always get excited for the ceremony, and yeah the speeches are usually too filled with names of teams of people we've never heard of. I like the ones that highlight the issues related to the film they've made. There were so many great films this year! I thought 12 Years a Slave was incredible. I really liked Dallas Buyers Club too. The Wolf of Wall Street was entertaining, but I felt like I had to read some children's books afterwords.

  7. So! What's the final verdict!?! Your advice for the perfect acceptance speech is perfect. I hope someone out there is listening!