Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Doesn't Have To Suck, What I Know For Sure & #iPPP

I know there are Valentine's Day haters.  Commercialism, aaack!  I get it you don't want to sell out or have expectations or get let down.  I mean, that's kind of how I feel most of the Christmas season.  But I am not a Valentine's Day hater, I kind of dig it.  

When I was 6 I had a re-occurring nightmare about a walking heart coming after me.  Needless to say, arriving to JT's class party the other day was a bit traumatizing.

A holiday about love? I mean, that's pretty great.  A holiday where we celebrate all things shaped like hearts=more greatness.  Throw in candy and I don't know what you haters have a problem with.  

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romance and fancy-schmancy date nights.  Valentine's Day can simply be a day we celebrate and honor love, all kinds.  

I love the moms that put together creative and cute holiday classroom parties.  I am not that mom, but I am so glad that those moms exist.  I love them for all the work and creativity it takes to put these parties together.  

I love Dollar Store doilies hearts, and stickers and glue and markers, that help us make Valentine's Day a little more Valentine-y.  I love that Wade enjoys crafting and painting with me.

I love my family.  It's not fancy-schmancy and I didn't buy anybody any gifts, it's simple, I love them.  And I love having a silly little holiday to make them feel special with extra appreciation, doily hearts, going to their classroom parties and making heart-shaped brownies for them. 
Lucy drew this picture of the family.  I was so moved when I saw she wrote "trust" on my shirt.  She's amazing.

Don't over-complicate, over-anticipate, over-commercialize...simply love the love.   Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate and honor all kinds of love, I know that for sure. 

Here's what else I know for sure (this week):

  • Olympics + Dancing to Beyonce= the best.  I am loving all the dancing going on by the Olympic athletes over in Sochi.  So much joy! I love it so much.  Did you see luge star Kate Hansen's warm up to Beyonce? It's just so good.  Click here to read about it and watch her moves.

  • I want to be a snowboarder when I grow up.  I am enjoying the hell out of watching them compete and cheer each other on and just be so cool.  I love their brave half-pipe jumps and YOLO flips.  I love the way they seem to respect and enjoy each others' success.
I am trying to rock the snowboarder look.  Here's a shot I took the other night for the #365FeministSelfie project on Instagram.

  • This is beautiful.  I cried the first time I watched this.

  • Tim and I celebrate all things romance on the 15th of February.  Find out why in my latest vlog and then subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want.  I'm getting back in the vlogging game and plan on posting a vlog a week. Yay!

  • JT and the dog are still best friends.  JT even gave her a Valentine's card. 

  • Captain & Tennille can suck it. Every Valentine's Day season, I think of my favorite love songs.  And usually I play Captain & Tennille's Love Will Keep Us Together because I USED to love that song.  But their impending divorce has ruined it for me.  So here's the next best song that ALWAYS pops into my head when I think of love songs (and reminds me of staying up late on Saturday nights wishing I was Vicki the Captain's daughter or dreaming of being Julie when I grew up).  Yeah, it's The Love Boat theme song.  Watch it and sing it all day. You're welcome.  Happy Valentine's Day!

What do you know for sure (this week)?  C'mon, we're friends, share what you know. 

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  1. I love your attitude - yes, celebrate love, why not! Candy doesn't hurt either.

  2. I wrote in my Old School Blogging post that I am anti-Valentine's - but I'm not a hater. Yes, love should be celebrated! (V Day just really doesn't mean anything to me).
    Also: you rock the snowboarder look (and I'm enjoying your Instagram feed already :) )

  3. I say celebrate too! If nothing else, it's really fun for the kids. Muah! You are so refreshing.

  4. I am so grateful for the crafty moms too. Although I think there are less of them where I am. My cupcakes are a big sensation whenever my kid has a birthday because they are less known here.

    By the way, all my recipes are GF! I'm a coeliac living in France. Sad, huh?

  5. I am not a party planning mom or a crafty mom. But I do love love.
    And I love that your love day is the 15th. :)

  6. I love love too, and I have no problems with Valentine's day. Just keep it fun yo'. No reason to stress. (Which is why I had Cady make her OWN class treats this year!)

  7. Snowboarders are bananas! My favorite. Love them. And I totally love the Love Boat! Watched it every Saturday night when I was little. That and Fantasy Island. haha

    Love, Angie
    ^^^^ See? awww...

  8. I love crafting and all things DIY I just don't get that into Valentine's Day. Not because I don't love to love I just don't get that into the candy and stuff. But you will see hot pink hearts from me in crafts year round :) You do rock the snowboarder look!

  9. I totally want to be a snowboarder! They just look so effortlessly cool and beautiful. I think it's all the hair and layers. And you definitely look like one. And I'm right there with you on V Day. Did you have a good celebration today?

  10. Okay, I kind of laughed at the walking hearts. ;) But I agree - Valentine's Day should simply be about love, whatever kind.