Monday, June 23, 2014

Road Trippin' & Getting Happy

Right now, I am on the road.  Road tripping with my four kids.  We left on Sunday for our annual trip down south.  

A quick stop in Kentucky to see my sister and onto Alabama to see my cousin.  I wasn't sure if there would be time to make the trip this year with all the baseball games and more baseball games and camps and practices and parties.  At sort of the last minute we decided to squeeze in a trip.  

I absolutely love going on a road trip with my kids.  I feel sort of like Mama Partridge with a van full of groovy kids.  We sing our way across a few states, looking for adventure and maybe a life lesson or two.  And getting happy (just like in the theme song for The Partridge Show, remember? Come On Get Happy).

Looking back over the last few years and what I've written about road trips, it makes me so grateful that I started this blog.  

I love reliving moments like the time my brother gave my kids nicknames, or the time we drove without air conditioning in 100 degree heat, or when I made road trip T-shirts.

I'll never forget when a road trip made me feel less afraid of the world and believe in human kindness.  Yup, I got that loving feeling from a road trip in a minivan with my four kids. Click here to re-read the story.

Here's the vlog I made about last year's epic road trip:

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Are YOU road tripping anywhere this summer?  Taking an adventure?

Come on Get Happy, awww yeah here's The Partridge Family intro:

Okay, and this is my dream for what we will be one day...just like the fabulous Nicki Bluhm and The Gamblers' Van Sessions.  Here they are covering my favorite Whitney Houston song.


  1. I love a road trip - when I was a kid we took several. I think the kids are missing out, because we've never done a long one before.