Friday, June 6, 2014

Sunscreen & What I Know For Sure

It was a long winter here in Michigan.  Remember that whole Polar Vortex situation?  And the coldest, snowiest winter in Detroit in 140 years?  Yeah that winter.  So excuse me, if I go a little nuts about nice weather and sunshine and the promise of summertime.

Last weekend, in between baseball games, I took a few of the kids to the pool.  I love the pool, I love summer--Tim says it's my "time to shine" because I am generally in a very good mood in the summer.  

I might have been more excited about going to the pool for the first time this season than the kids.  Before we left, I made sure to spray them all with SPF 567.  When it was finally my turn to be sprayed, the bottle spit out it's last little bit, just enough to cover one shoulder.  "Oh well, I thought, we won't be out very long," I said to myself and made a mental note to buy more sunscreen.

Well, I did not buy more sunscreen that day.  And that night, I was sunburned.  It was bad, like sunburn via 1984 bad.  Back in the days when my parents used to send us all out to get the first burn of the season so it wouldn't happen again.  Or at least that's what they told us.  What in the world?  I used to get burned so badly that I had blisters on my chest and back.  No worries, my parents would tell me.  They gave me a T-shirt to wear to the pool the next day, but no sunscreen.

Saturday night I longed for something cold to put on my burning skin, like good old Noxema or Aloe.  I had chills and felt sick.  "Don't touch me," I reminded the family as they passed by me.  "My skin hurts, please don't touch me."

The next day, I bought two bags full of different sunscreen varieties.  And I spent the day at the baseball fields covered from head to toe because the sun shining on my skin was painful.

So yeah, I may have been a little too eager, too ready.  I have to remember that summer and sunshine will last longer than a weekend, thank god.  But what I know for sure this week is that sunscreen is for real, people.  Don't forget to sunscreen your kids AND yourself.  Peace.

Here's What Else I Know For Sure This Week:

  • I'm jumping on the bandwagon and reading The Fault In Our Stars and I'm enjoying it.  I stayed away because a story about cancer, hmmmm, not sure I can handle that.  And because it's teen lit and I thought I was waaaay too sophisticated for teen lit (ha, I know!).  Here's the thing, I am an extremely slow reader, I mean sloooooooow, and I'm discovering this teen lit so far is a pretty quick read even for someone like me.  

Our team was losing by 10, it felt like it was okay to read our books at that time.

  • Bus stop selfies Ellen DeGeneres style are the best.

  • I can't get this song out from First Aid Kit out of my head. I am IN LOVE with it.

  • There's still time to enter the David Gray CD giveaway.  Click here to enter.  His new CD Mutineers is ahhhhmazing.

  • My neighbors keep having garage sales and I keep finding treasures.  Love my new dishes.
I'm also stocking up on sidewalk chalk as you can see from the picture. 

  • I'm so happy to be featured on and (re)defining success. Check it out here.

  • I totally appreciate Classroom Party Planning Moms, even if I'm so not THAT mom.  Here's this week's vlog about it in case you missed it.

What do YOU know for sure this week, right now?  C'mon, share what you know.  Leave a comment here or on my Facebook page.

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  1. Fun dishes! I know for sure that I am ready for the end of the school year. I may regret saying this in three weeks, but I am ready to have both of them home with me!

  2. You pulled it off - totally posh with a fuchsia scarf. But I'm sorry it hurt. :-(

    That's how I did it too - burns and blisters until the melanoma kicked in out of desperation.

    PS. I LOVE your smile.

  3. I'm sorry about the sunburn! The scarf is a good look.
    Wasn't the John Green book good?? Can't wait to watch the movie!