Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Tomfoolery

Let the Christmas traditions and tomfoolery begin!

We cut down our tree this past weekend and it went perfectly.  I'm kidding, nothing goes perfectly when my family is involved.  But it was funny and fun and silly and full of fighting and laughing and lots of love.  

I think it's a day we'll all remember and that's what I was going for.

Check it out:

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What are your Christmas traditions?  What are your favorites?  Any tomfoolery involved?


  1. Your kids look like so much fun.

  2. Your family is so much fun! I love the boys smacking each other in the background while you were talking to the camera.

  3. I know who those kids get those awesome dance moves from! Go Griswalds!! ;D

  4. I love you guys and your silliness and love!

  5. I look forward to every bit of your family's tomfoolery. :)