Friday, December 12, 2014

Live, Laugh, Love & Dance (And What I Know For Sure)

This past week wasn't my favorite.  I'm feeling a little tired and vulnerable and like I want to watch movie marathons and stay in bed and eat ice cream.  Which, duh, I can't do of course.  But oh my, I would love to do that for even just a little while.  I wouldn't stay there long.  I won't stay in this emotionally exhausted, bummed out state of being for long either.  I refuse to do that.  Instead of getting stuck feeling low, I always come back higher than before, happier than before, stronger than before.  Sure it may be annoying to some people, the fact that I feel all the feelings.  But I have to tell you, feeling the sadness makes me appreciate the happiness even more.  Feeling it all helps me process my confusion, frustration, upsetness of life and learn from it.

It also helps me empathize with other people going through something.  And just like Ne-Yo sings in the new Pitbull song..."everybody's going through something."* We all have stuff.  We all have crazy family members, jobs that fall through, kids that struggle from time to time or don't listen, I mean right? You have some of that stuff, right?

So when I get out of this funk,  I will keep feeling all the feelings and then doing what I, laugh, love and DANCE.  I know that for sure this week.

* I'm so excited that I was able to work in a quote from a Pitbull and Ne-Yo song into a blog post.  How can anyone not dance to this Pitbull/Ne-Yo song? No matter what's going on right now, I hope you dance.  Here you go...

  (Click here to watch/dance.)

Here's what else I know for sure this week:
  • I love Lucy.  And I loved watching the Christmas special in color with my Lucy.  She thought it was so funny.  

  • Aging can be an incredible journey (if you don't pay attention to most media!).  I love this interview with Frances McDormand and what she says about aging and how she describes the lines on her face.  It's refreshing and beautiful.

  • I need a bigger bed.  I want an extra King size bed so that we can all snuggle or at least sit and watch TV in bed together.

  • I want a faux fur vest for Christmas.  I'm not sure if I can pull it off, but I want one.  

  • I am totally looking forward to the Golden Globe Awards in January.  I don't care who got nominated or what any Sony emails say about who is horrible to work with.  I need a good awards show with fancy people, a couple of moving acceptance speeches and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting.

What do you know for sure this week?  What do you want for Christmas? Tell me!  Either here in the comments or over on my Facebook page.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I SO wish I could hang with Tina and Amy! They are so funny!

    Thanks for cheering me up, I've been a tad sad too. Wish we could dance in the kitchen together!!

  2. Love that you feel all the feels. It's not a bad way to live. A bigger bed is always nice too.