Friday, December 19, 2014

Tamiflu & What I Know For Sure This Week

I don't know much this week.  It's one of those weeks that is full of sick kids, phone calls from school telling me to pick up my sick kids, rearranging meetings and canceling lunches, taking temperatures, going to the pediatrician's office and not finding time to shower.  It's one of those weeks when I see my poor kiddos battling high fevers and looking pitiful.  
JT got slammed twice this week, first with complications from Celiac and then Influenza. Poor kid.

It's one of those weeks that I am grateful for bleach and Tamiflu.  I know everyone with oils is going to tell me how healthy they all are with their oils and I am happy for them. I really am. But for our family right now, it's bleach and Tamiflu and rest and gluten-free chicken noodle soup and more rest and gobs and gobs of hand sanitizer.  And forts in the living room and Christmas movie marathons.  
Sick kids and a dog have totally taken over the living room.
Lucy being a little mama and reading
to Wade when he first got sick.

I know for sure that being sick sucks, but being together doesn't and we will make the most of being quarantined.

Here's what else I know for sure this week:

  • Hey maybe I'll dye my hair....maybe I'll just get drunk...oh yeah, I'm loving some old school Dolly Parton Christmas songs.  Songs like "Hard Candy Christmas."  My sister, my cousin and I used to sing this old favorite when we were kids.  Listening to it recently, um, it holds up.  Damn it's good.  Listen and hear for yourself. I know for sure that I love Dolly Parton forever.

  • This recipe (for peppermint bark) is the possibly the greatest recipe of all time.  It's gluten free and delicious.  I should know, I made it and ate all of it.   Yup.  I made it thinking I might give it away as a gift, but instead I was quarantined with sick kids and ate it all, myself.  It's from my friend Elaine- click here for the recipe.

  • You can enter to win a $50 gift card to stella & dot.  Click here to enter, it's simple and you have a great chance of winning and why not?

  • Podcasts are all the rage.  Did you know that?  I am late to the game.  But click this link from Mamalode to find out some really good ones.  I listened to Alec Baldwin interviewing Jerry Seinfeld the other night and was thoroughly entertained, click here for that podcast.

What do YOU know for sure this week?  Share it here or over on my Facebook page.


  1. I know for sure you are meant to have a podcast that other people post links to.

    Also? Long live bleach. Forever and ever.

  2. I love what Angela said. ^^^^

    I know for sure that I hope y'all get better really really soon and Dolly Parton is amazing.

  3. OMG, I was looking up old Dolly Parton videos last week! I grew up with her and the Mandrel Sisters too! My parents loved country music and country singers and her specials with Kenny Rogers were some of our favorites too. Good ole Dollly!

    I hope everyone in your house is on the upswing. We had sickness last week. Blergh!

    Also, I know for sure that your family is so cute, even when sick! :D

  4. OMG I love that Dolly song. LOVE IT.
    I am so sad you all were sick.....but now you are better!
    Happy New Year!!