Friday, February 27, 2015

Dwelling In Possibility & What I Know For Sure

The sun came out this week and even though the temperature was still hovering around 18, it felt so good.  People smiled more.  Drivers were more courteous.  There might have even been a few brave birds chirping.  

Walking down the street I felt lighter and sort of full of hope. I was dwelling in sunny possibility rather than suffering through the nothing good is ever going to happen subzero dream crushing hazy shade of winter.  

A few hours after my sunny stroll, the clouds returned, the temperatures dropped and the forecast called for more snow.  But I'm holding onto that hope I felt when the sun was will get warmer, people will be nicer again and birds will do more chirping.  It will all happen and when it does, I am going to appreciate the hell out of it all, I know that for sure this week.

Because I said "Hazy Shade of Winter" I felt the need to put the Bangles' version and because I LOVE it so much...

  (click here to watch the video)

Here's what else I know for sure this week:

  • We love our dogs.
Everyday before JT leaves for school he snuggles or hangs out with the dogs.  He loves them so much. As he is walking out the door he yells "good bye Cosi, good bye Rufus, good bye Rainbow, good bye Poseidon."  The last two are our pet fish. 
He snuggles with me every night before we eventually put him in the crate to make room for Wade who still comes into our bed around midnight.  Some people might suggest fixing some of our family member's sleep issues, I just think we need a bigger bed.

  • If there is a DJ spinning tunes, I will dance, I just will.  
(click here to watch the video)

  • I love Anne Lamont and Kelly Corrigan.  And I love that you can watch them talk on YouTube.  Here, watch them, it's so good.

(click here to watch the video)

  • My baby girl turns 11 this weekend. Whaaaat? I don't even know how that happened.  
That's me and little baby Lucy almost 11 years ago. 

“There’s no point questioning it and no point blaming anyone for it and there’s no point blaming yourself or the world or whatever the case may be,” she told NBC’s Kate Snow, “because it happened and you have to continue to move and you have to continue to live and manage.”

  • I'm still loving podcasts. Currently a little obsessed with Alec Baldwin's Here's the Thing...I even listened to it instead of music when I ran on the treadmill the other day. 

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  1. Totally agree about the bed. Ryan and I lament not buying a king all the time. A queen seemed fiiiiinnnne for two of us, but not so much for four!

  2. Love the photo of you and your baby girl. I'm so glad Zelda is speaking out. SO important. And her words, very good.

  3. Your red hair! And baby Lucy!
    I fell in love with podcasts recently, and my current favorite is Dear Sugar hosted by Cheryl Strayed.