Friday, February 13, 2015

LOVE and What I Know For Sure

It's almost Valentine's Day and yeah, I love it.  A holiday about love, it's not a bad thing.  We could all use more love, the world could use more love.  

Sure romantic love is great, I'm hoping that Tim and I can get a little romantic this Saturday night.  But love, man, it can be so much more than romance.  I love my kids with this crazy, primal, protective, I hate to say "mama bear," but I will, kind of love.  I love red wine and pizza.  I love Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Patsy Cline and Beyonce. Yup. I love soap operas and storytelling.  I love my eyelash curler. I LOVE to dance.  I love kindness. I love open-mindedness.  I love big cities and hustle and bustle and millions of people. I love the ocean and the sound of the waves.  I love road trips and cheesy pit stops more than almost anything else ever. I love lattes. I love being involved. I love being lost in a crowd. I love being on stage. I love red wine and reality television. I love Pitbull songs. I love new ideas. I love to run. I love so many things and so many people.

I know for sure that if loving things is wrong, I don't want to be right. Love feels positive and proactive; love feels like hope and faith. 

So yeah, I know for sure that I love a holiday that celebrates love.

Here's what else I know for sure this week:
  • This song is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES.  It brings me to tears everytime I hear it.  It is my love language, it is my story (my past that makes me all insecure and waaaa), it is so good.  I'm not kidding, I just need to know that "we'll be alright and that you promise to never leave." Thankfully, I am married to a guy that makes me believe every damn day. 

  • A good night's sleep cures almost anything.

  • I am very immature when it comes to talking about sex, but I made a vlog about it anyway. Check it out.

(click here to watch the video)

  • Globes rock. My pal gave me a globe this week and I LOVE it.  Wade was full of wonder, he couldn't believe it was our planet.  

  • Detroit is a cool city. I spent the afternoon exploring Detroit with a buddy this week and there are so many cool places.  And so much happening! 

  • Tickets for Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit are on sale!!!!!! Woot! Woot!  (Click here.) Tickets for our second annual show went on sale this week.  I'm so excited.  And I got to be on the website of our totally rad venue along with acts like Clean Bandit. Whaaaat?

  • I love love. Here's one of my favorite love stories of all time(I've posted it before and I probably will again, because it's so sweet):

(Click here to watch the video.)

  • Brotherly love is when the biggest brother reads to the littlest brother.

  • Puppy love is easy when the puppy is Rufus Whistle. Not quite sure who was walking who, but I know they were having fun.

What do YOU know for sure this week, right now?  What do YOU love? Tell me here in the comments or over on my Facebook page.


  1. Too much LOVE could never be a bad thing. I hope your Saturday night goes as planned. ;) And YAY for LTYM!!! I am so stoked about our 2nd shows!!! Happy Valentine's my friend! <3

  2. I love how much you love everything.

  3. I'm with Leigh Ann. I love how much you love everything. It makes me feel happy. :-)

  4. I loved your vlog! And puppy love... It's what I live for these days.

  5. I loved your vlog! And puppy love... It's what I live for these days.

  6. You are love itself. Hope you had a wonderful love-filled weekend!

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