Monday, July 6, 2015

A Trip In Pictures

I look forward to my summer road trip all year long.  It is freedom. It is unstructured. It is just my kids and me.

Each year after each road trip I fall more in love with my kids and I fall more in love with our country and the world.  I want to pay more attention to places and people and all of it.

I want to see more and learn more and do more.

This year we were gone for 10 days. We traveled almost 2,000 miles. We visited museums, stayed in a couple motel/hotels and with my cousin for a night and with my sister for a week.  We got lost. We found our way. We yelled at each other. We laughed with each other.  We went to Graceland and a thousand other places in between.

Here are some pictures from the trip and a video.

We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on gluten free bread for A LOT of our meals.


A little video action from the trip...

(Click here to watch the video.)


  1. Again, this makes me want to take my kids on a road trip so bad next summer.

  2. I love your road trip recaps! Looks amazing. I think we all should take our kids on regular road trips - that's going on my bucket list.

  3. These pictures make me smile. I bet your kids will remember these road trips long into their adulthood.

  4. You're the coolest mom. I know this trip was filled with laughter, with giggles, with some eye rolls and memories! SO many memories that are priceless. Your children are so lucky to have a mom like you. THANK YOU for sharing this trip with us.