Monday, July 13, 2015

Pure Michigan With My Fancy New Camera

Again, I find myself with so much to say after a trip. I want to talk about how good it was to be together as a family, just us. How great it was to see my kids playing together and not once asking to play on our phones or the iPad. How this vacation reminded us of simple pleasures of campfires, sunsets and jumping off docks. How the whole thing made Tim and I feel like kids and feel so relaxed and hopeful and like we could find the parts of ourselves that talked about our dreams and futures, all while being totally in the amazingness of the moment. Ahhhhhh! But first I will share a few of the pictures I took on my fancy new camera.  

We stayed in a cottage on a lake with the best view of the sunset. I mean ahhhhhh, right??? This picture is not edited at all. I simply looked up and took this picture.
I think this sunset is art.

There is an older gentleman who has pirate flags on his boat and terrorizes little children with water guns.  Actually, he is this great old guy who loves to have a little fun with the kids and the kids love it.

Another great part of this trip was that we got to bring our dogs.

And yeah, there was a little attitude from the tweens and teens in the group. But this camera even makes that stuff look cool. :)

Cosi might have had the most fun.

We left the cottage for one morning and headed into Petoskey Michigan for a view of the bay and some fudge.

The big city.

Ahhhhhh, it was pure Michigan at it's best.


  1. I love your pictures! Yay fancy new camera!

  2. Wow-wee!! Love your photos, especially the sunset and your daughter jumping in the water. And in the attitude pic, she kinda looks like her mom. ;) What a great trip. Reminds me of our times in Canada...

  3. So happy you were all able to go as a family and enjoy an awesome time!! Looks wonderful!!
    You all deserve it so much! Happy Summer Angela!! :)