Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wandering and Wondering

I went to New York City last week.  I have been before but this time felt different. This time I felt overwhelmed in a good way by the buildings, the amount of people everywhere, the interesting of it all, the beauty of it all, the wonder of it all.  I felt a little wide-eyed, but mostly I felt curious.

Even though I was there for a blogging conference ( I can't wait to write about what I learned) and to see friends (I had so much fun with them!), I got a chance to be alone a lot.  I explored and wandered and walked and walked and walked.  I sat in Central Park, stood in the middle of Times Square, lingered in Bryant Park, marveled at the opulence of Fifth Avenue, and people-watched everywhere.

A hot dog in Central Park, so New York.

Years ago I took a carriage ride through Central Park, but Peyton was a baby on my lap and I was more concerned with him and can't remember much.  This time I walked and sat and took in all the beauty. It really is a glorious park.
I didn't have enough money to go into any museums, but loved sitting outside and watching the people and being entertained by the street performers.

I am so intrigued by shadows and lines and design.
When I was 12 years old, I cut out a picture of The Plaza and put it on my bulletin board. "When I grow up, I am going to stay there," I said to myself. I have no idea why I wanted that but I still have that picture. I haven't stayed there (yet) but I did get to go into the lobby and stand on the stairs and my god, it's gorgeous. 

I think it was equal parts amazing-busy city and solitude that made this trip so good. Before I got married and had kids, I took a few trips alone. I walked and walked and took pictures on my disposable camera (because it was a really long time ago). I wandered and wondered.  I talked to strangers and heard stories. I talked to no one. I felt proud and accomplished that I found my way through airports and cities and managed to figure out public transportation. It was empowering and inspiring and I promised myself I would never stop doing it.  But it turns out I didn't want to leave when my babies were little and I wanted to spend the money on trips with them.  While I love traveling with my kids, I mean LOVE it and I hope I'm instilling a sense of wonder/wander in them, this trip helped me rediscover my love of doing it alone too.

This picture was taken in Time Square around 1 a.m.  When they say it's a city that doesn't sleep, they aren't kidding.
So many people!

It's a big, big, beautiful, interesting world. It felt good to get out of where I live and out of my comfort zone.  It didn't make me feel small, instead it made my problems feel small. And it made me feel more connected to the bigness of it all. And curious and interested and like I never want to stop wandering and wondering.

My cab ride to the airport and the sunrise over NYC.


  1. This is perfection. My mind is reeling, still.

    1. It's been over a week and my mind is still reeling. Lol.

  2. You know one of my favorite places is the ocean. This is similar to me. Like you said, you go there and your problems seems small. YOU seem small. There is so much force in that city. But instead of water, it's people. SO MANY PEOPLE. There for different reasons. It's amazing. I love it and your wonderful, beautiful photos made me smile through this entire post. I'm sorry I did not get to see you there but I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip and time to yourself.

    1. I love your comparison of NYC and the ocean. You inspire me with your pictures on your blog, so you liking mine means a lot to me. Missed seeing you at BlogHer this year, hopefully we can see each other next year!

  3. I love your photos! You really captured the feel of the city. I cannot wait to go back. And that picture of you at the Plaza Hotel is everything!

    1. Thank you for taking some of these pictures and encouraging me to finally go inside the Plaza!!! Dream realized!!!! I'm so glad we got to explore NYC together and I miss you!