Monday, September 21, 2015

Football Weekends

This past weekend was full of football--morning, noon and night. Football makes me anxious all the time, but this year I am even more anxious because of well, everything that could go wrong. While I watched my boys this weekend, it all felt more intense--my concern, my worry, my excitement, my love.  As I watched and took pictures and felt all the feelings I noticed things about our football weekends that lessened my anxiety and grew my love.

I noticed all the coaches being so kind to my kids, even the kids that weren't playing on the team.  

Wade takes his job as water boy verrrrry seriously.

I noticed my kids loving spending time with their dad (who is also one of JT's coaches).

I noticed my boys cheering on their friends and being supportive.

I noticed the biggest brother and his friends including the littlest brothers. 

I watched not just Peyton but all the older boys be so kind to Wade and JT--they looked out for them, talked to them, played catch with them, watched the game with them.

I noticed Lucy sometimes watching the game, but mostly having a good time with her friends.

I noticed how excited Wade was when he finally got his own team this past Sunday.  When he was two days old I took him to Peyton's flag football game and he's been going to games ever's been his whole life. So, to get his own team is a pretty big deal.

It's also a big deal to have your big brothers on the sidelines watching and encouraging, and possibly doing a little coaching/advising.

I noticed the boys having fun with their friends.

I sat back and noticed all the love and connection and community and family moments that our football weekends involve and my heart felt very full.

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