Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The End of Back To School

Last night was the last curriculum night of the back to school season for Tim and me.  It was at the middle school for our eighth grader and sixth grader. We had already been to our the curriculum night for our kindergartner and curriculum night for our fourth grader. We had already done all the back to school shopping and worrying and reminding and routine creating and more reminding, and given pep talks about homework and remembering locker combinations and not worrying if they mess up especially in the first couple weeks.  By the time we were pulling into the middle school parking lot last night, we had grown weary of back to school everything and quite possibly a little slap happy.  Maybe that's why we had so much damn fun there.

The parking lot was packed, there were actually cars lined up waiting to turn into the lot and people walking from half a mile down the street.  It looked like there was a concert happening, a concert that a bunch of middle age suburbanites would line up for, like Weezer or a Bell Biv Devoe reunion.  

At the exact same time, Tim and I had the exact opposite reaction to the crowd.

I said-- "Ahhhhh," sounding like my middle school age kids. "Look at all these people, lets skip this and go back home and watch an episdoe of Sons of Anarchy." 

Tim said-- "There's so many people here, hurry up, we are going to be late."

We laughed at how different our reactions were and then Tim asked to be let out at the front door so he could get to class on time.  After asking if he was serious, I let him out and then went to find a parking spot in the back of the building.  I took my time going into the building stopping to chat with a few friends and then decided to skip first hour (the evening was set up to mimic our kids' schedules so we had 10 minutes in each subject hour and a bell would ring just like during our kids' days).

I met up with Tim in our eighth grader's second hour.  Tim was sitting in the back of the class looking around nervously.  I strolled in right as the bell rang.  I tried to whisper to Tim but he wouldn't look at me because class had started.

"I don't think we would have dated when we were in high school," I told him after class.  

For the rest of the evening we met in between classes by the lockers. Laughed at each other and ourselves. I got lost and skipped another class. Tim took notes in all of the classes. We each saw friends and chatted about how lost we were and how old we felt. I took a picture and put it on Instagram. Tim got annoyed.  We laughed some more.

Feeling a little more relaxed and even more tired, Tim decided to give in to my rebellious ways and skip the last hour and we headed for home.

That's it, we can officially close the books on the whole back to school season. Now it's all settling into routines and dealing with the day-to-day mania of having four kids.  And resting before the holiday craze which if the stores are any indication is any minute now.  Good-bye back to school hello Christmas.

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  1. You guys are hilarious. I tend to get more rigid during these things. I have parent teacher conferences today, and I'm nervous!