Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

It was busy and chaotic and messy and there was never enough time and money....but I'm sad that Christmas is over. Because it was also sweet and fun and funny and full of love and laughter, and lots of pictures.

Here's our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning through the lens of my my not-so-new, fancy-ish camera... 

Tim is Mr. Christmas, for real, unless you make him late for church on Christmas Eve (sorry!) and then he gets a little grumpy. But he recovered and got his Christmas feeling back just in time.

This picture is EVERYTHING. It sums up the tension between Lucy and me perfectly. Lol.

But just like Tim, we recovered just in time for a cute pic and a great Christmas Eve.

After church, it was off to the in-laws for Christmas Eve dinner.  I was taking pictures like a paparazzi when my little niece said "why are you taking pictures of the floor?" Lol. Duh, because there's cool random but meaningful stuff on the floor, like this Perry Como sheet music!!!!

This was the feeling that night...LOVE!
JT likes to visit but he also likes presents so he was just hanging out until it was time to open.  Every year it's the same with him. :)

Father and son and Christmas ties. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!

Living in Michigan, this isn't the most popular choice of toy for Wade, but it's what he wanted (and who he's rooting for during the big game!). 
After Grandma's we headed home, the kids went to bed, Tim wrapped a ton of presents and I stood guard by the tree, drank wine and watched Love Actually. We went to sleep around 12:30 or 1 and the kids came down at 6 a.m. on Christmas morning. They were so excited, especially JT and Wade.

The unwrapping was fast and furious and things got a little wild and it was over by 7 a.m. And that was okay. Everyone was happy and sleepy.

Wade's obsession with giraffes continues. Here's his new one from Santa. He named him Paul. lol.

It was the warmest Christmas ever here in Michigan and Santa brought him these.....hoping for snow and a real winter here.

Mr. Christmas was exhausted.
He's playing with Star Wars characters. Love it.

Tim's parents stopped over for a few minutes and of course I got out my camera.
Puppy love

It was a long two days but a great two days and I am more in love with my family than before. We closed the Christmas exgtravganza out with a rewatching of The Sound of Music. 

I'm seriously sad it's over but so glad we enjoyed almost every second of it. Until next year Christmas!

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    (Also, JT and Dylan were on the same page Christmas Eve. Everyone was still eating, and Dylan was on my mom's Lazyboy, just waiting. And Waiting. And Waiting for us to finish and start the present opening.)